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Concentrator with One Battery - Each
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What Comes in the Box?

AS095-101 Components

What Comes In The Box?

  • FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator
  • Battery pack
  • Concentrator carry case
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Accessory bag
  • AC/DC universal power supply
  • AC power cord
  • DC power cord
  • User Manual

Compact, Lightweight and Portable

Compact, Lightweight and Portable

AirSep FreeStyle 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator or simply known as the FreeStyle is made in the USA. At only 3.9 pounds, the FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator provides wearable, pulse flow oxygen therapy. Carried via shoulder strap or in a backpack, the FreeStyle is a medical-grade concentrator that produces 87 to 95.5% oxygen in flow settings 1-3 (-3%/ + 5.5%). The carry case weighs 1 pound. FreeStyle provides up to 3.5 hours of battery-powered excursions on flow setting 2 or 6.5 hours on flow setting 1. The battery easily slides in or out to make being on the go easier. This lithium ion battery weighs less than 1 pound. Combined, the concentrator with the carry case and one battery weighs 5.25 pounds, less than the average woman's purse.

Comparing the Product Bundles

With One Battery
With Two Batteries

Easy Battery Installation
FAA Approved



Concentrator with One Battery Pack

  • Weight: 5.25 lbs. (concentrator, battery, carry case).
  • Battery Duration: 4.5 hours (fully charged battery at setting 2).
  • Battery Recharge Time: Three hours.






Concentrator with Two Battery Packs

  • Weight: 6.25 lbs. (concentrator, 2 batteries, carry case).
  • Battery Duration: 9 hours (fully charged battery at setting 2).
  • Battery Recharge Time: Six hours.



Unlike other portable oxygen concentrators, the FreeStyle lightweight concentrator does not require a cart to go where you go. This oxygen therapy device comes with a standard carry bag that features side pockets for an additional battery or accessory storage, a zipper cover for protection and a comfortable carry handle. The compact oxygen concentrator is FAA-approved and is just 6.1 inches wide, 8.6 inches high and less than 4 inches deep to readily slide under an airline seat and tidily fits in a vehicle.

FreeStyle runs in any flow setting off of AC (home) and DC (automobile or boat) sources, as well as lithium ion battery. When the FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator is plugged into an AC or DC source, the battery pack conveniently charges.

FreeStyle packs exclusive UltraSense technology that minimizes the effort needed to trigger a pulse dosage. UltraSense also enables users to set the O2 device down and roam freely if a 25-foot cannula is used. To make the most of this mobility, the O2 machine has a flexible, swivel oxygen outlet.

Features & Benefits

  • User-replaceable battery - Allows you to swap out the battery while on the go.
  • Simple control panel - One touch operation is easy to use.
  • Battery gauge - Easy to read gauge lights up for 25 to 100% battery charge.
  • Lightweight - Portable weight with carry case and battery is 5.25 pounds.
  • Highly portable - Wearable oxygen concentrator with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Easy to power - A universal power supply is standard; the unit can be powered via AC or DC source while simultaneously charging the battery.
  • Simple operation - Panel features soft-touch buttons that are enhanced with Braille to indicate pulse settings.
  • FreeStyle is FAA-approved for airline flights.

The Freestyle is designed for the patient that needs three liters per minute of highly portable oxygen. The small size of this oxygen machine will enhance your freedom of mobility and the discounted price will save you money. If you are looking for a short-term option, or if you are not certain that this is the machine for you, try it out with our rental program. When you decide that you love the Freestyle, just contact your oxygen specialist and you can keep it. You just pay the difference!

Choose from additional Accessories for the AirSep Freestyle Oxygen Concentrator here. Talk to one of our specialists today!


Control Panel
Changing the Filter


AirSep Oxygen Concentrator Specs


  • Product Number: AS095-101, AS095-B101.
  • Width: 6.1 inches
  • Height: 8.6 inches
  • Depth: 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds (concentrator)
  • Weight: 1 pound (battery pack)
  • Weight: 0.35 pound (carry case).
  • Noise: 41 dBA at setting 2
  • Oxygen Output Capacity:
  • Oxygen Concentration: 90% +5.5% -3% sea level.
  • Oxygen Flow: Pulse.
  • Power Consumption: 28W.
  • Power: Universal Power Supply, 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 11-16 VDC.
  • Battery: Rechargeable, lithium ion.
  • Battery Charge Duration: 3.5 hours at setting 2.
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3.5 hours.
  • Operating Altitude: 0 to 12,000 feet above sea level.
  • FAA Approval: Yes.
  • Warm-up Time: 2 minutes.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.
  • Manufacturer: AirSep.
  • Brand: FreeStyle.
  • Concentrator Warranty: three years limited, battery one year.


Additional Information

To be compliant with current FDA regulations, we require a prescription for selected Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Home Stationary Concentrators and Pulse Oximeters. Prescriptions are NOT required for replacement parts and accessories. If a prescription is required for an item in your order we will inform you of the requirement and ask you how the prescription will be provided.


Why Choosing Vitality Medical is a Great Option


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Choose the helpful oxygen specialists at Vitality Medical as your oxygen supplier. We offer several programs to help you along the way.


Rental Program - Need a short-term solution for your oxygen needs? Do you want to try the freestyle before you buy one? Contact us today.


Buy Back Program- If you are upgrading from an old concentrator, we may be able to purchase your old one. Contact us for details.


Loaner Program - Warranties are easy. Just give us a call and we'll send you a machine to borrow while yours is being repaired.


Certified Oxygen Specialists - Let the oxygen specialists at Vitality Medical help you find the accessories and battery configuration that best suits your needs.

At Vitality Medical, we strive to bring you high quality, affordable portable oxygen concentrators. We care about your health, wellness and vitality. That is why we offer several programs to make purchasing a concentrator easier.


Call and talk to a specialist today for the best deals on the internet.

Manuals & Documents




Product Videos

Basic Operation for the New Model Video (4:09 minutes)



New Replaceable Battery Model Video (6:57 minutes)



For compliance with current FDA regulations, we require a prescription for select portable oxygen concentrators, home stationary concentrators and pulse oximeters. Prescriptions are not required for replacement parts and accessories. If a prescription is required for an item in your order, we will inform you of the requirement and ask how the prescription will be provided.

Prescriptions may be sent via:

Fax: 1-801-733-5797

Email: [email protected]

Mail: 7910 s 3500 E Suite C, SLC, UT 84121

If you are unable to obtain a copy of your prescription, we are happy to contact your doctor and request the prescription on your behalf.

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Vitality Medical ships CAIRE products only to customers within the United States of America.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer CAIRE
Brand AirSep
Ships Free Yes
Oxygen Flow Pulse Flow

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