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Medicine & Health

Over-the-counter medication is something you can purchase without a prescription and helps relieve many ailments associated with the common cold or flu and allergies, such as aches and pains, fever, upset stomach, headaches and toothaches. Having certain drugs in your medicine cabinet can provide relief from uncomfortable symptoms in a time of need. Nobody enjoys feeling awful, but what can be even worse is the trek to your local store to purchase medicine while you are dealing with body aches, chills, intense sinus pressure or an upset stomach (just to name a few).

Pre-emptive purchasing of medicine for your health can allow you to avoid an uncomfortable excursion to the store. When you buy products ahead of time you have the luxury of staying in the comfort of your home, knowing that you already have the medication your body requires for relief.

There are many over-the-counter drug options to help you fill your medicine cabinet. It is a choice you'll be glad you made when your body needs a little help feeling well, such as:

Available Medicine and Health Products

  • Sleep Aids - Herbal sleep aids help you get to sleep and stay asleep. They come in various strengths, are non-habit forming and do not require a prescription.
  • Medication to Suppress Cold and Flu Symptoms - Combat the pesky side effects of the common cold and flu with a variety of healthy supplements and medications.
  • Nasal Spray to Help Congestion - There is nothing worse than not being able to easily breath due to congestion, especially at night, but nasal sprays can help you fight the congestive effects that come with being sick.
  • Digestive Relief - Food can be the greatest, most delicious thing, but for some it comes with a digestive price. Don't make your taste buds suffer because of digestive issues. There are many supplements that can give you back the joy of eating, such as Beano Gas relief and Aged Garlic Extract.
  • Eye Care and Health - Keeping the "windows to your soul" healthy is extremely important. Artificial tears, ointments and drops can help keep your eyes in excellent health.
  • Pain Reliever - Common aches and pains can be a burden on your day. However, the right medications can alleviate pains.
  • Allergy Relief - Whether it is pet dander, hay fever, pollen or other "things" in the air that you are allergic to, allergy medication can help make you feel "normal" again. No more watery-itchy eyes, sneezing or congestion with the power of allergy relief medication.

There are plenty of pills, creams, ointments and sprays, such as Sunmark Sinus Nasal Spray or Acusine Nasal Spray available that can make your life easier when your health is sub-par. Stock up today, your body will thank you.

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