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Patient safety and proper care start with the medical staff. However, it is equally important that the equipment and supplies used to treat patients are up to par in order to keep the environment safe from contamination and keep each patient comfortable and safe. Errors in health care can lead to serious issues. There are many rules and laws that must be followed to ensure proper care and the correct use of supplies can make a difference in the health and comfort of an individual. These supplies are intended to stop the spread of infectious diseases, keep areas free from contamination and give peace of mind to each patient that they're health is being properly cared for.

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Patient Care supplies at Vitality Medical gives you the luxury to find the exact supplies you need from hundreds of manufacturers. Thousands of products are available, so you are sure to get the right equipment at the right price. We offer essential equipment for any caregiver or medical professional including hygienic, eternal feeding, syringes and needles, patient safety, hospital supplies and everything in-between. You can find all the supplies you require to give the best care to individuals all in one convenient place.

Product Line Features and Benefits

  • Proper Sanitation and Hygiene Products, Such as Exam Gloves (Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile) and Glove Dispensers
  • Patient Safety - Alarms, Restraints, Slip Resistant Socks, Security Mitts, Torso Support, Paging System and FallGuard Sensors
  • Eternal Feeding Supplies - Pumps, Tubes, Protein Nutrition with Fiber, Catheters and Feeding Tube Cleaning Brush
  • Bathing Products - Soap and Shampoo, Wash Basin, Toothbrush, Artificial Tears, Leg Cast Protector, Ice Bag and Reclining Chairs with Trays
  • Injection and Medicine Administering - Oral, Needle and Irrigation Syringes and Biohazard Containers
  • Hospital Supplies for Patient Care - Choose From Protective Wear, Surgical Masks, Disinfectants, Covers and Gowns, Clean Room Supplies, and Basic Equipment and Furniture
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