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Homecare allows patients to receive medical care from the comfort of their home. It puts the patient in the best of circumstances of reduced expenses and there really is no place like home! When it comes to homecare furniture, choosing the correct components is important. The needs of the patient and the needs of the caregiver are paramount. Matching needs to the furniture or equipment provides the best results and healthcare outcomes. Vitality Medical offers a range of equipment that is sure to make any homecare setting comfortable as well as functional. Browse categories below to find the homecare furniture you need.

Top Home Care Furniture Brands

Types of Homecare Equipment

Hospital Beds - There are many different types of hospital beds. Choosing the correct one is a vital component of any homecare situation. Determining what type of bed is needed depends on the patient's specific and individual needs.

Mattresses - While having the correct hospital bed is important, choosing the correct mattress can be just as essential. A wide variety of mattresses is available, including air bed, foam, bariatric, innerspring, and air overlays. Selecting the best mattress to complement a new homecare bed depends on the patient's needs.

Bed Accessories - Vitality Medical supplies bed accessories that cover a multitude of needs. Things like overbed tables, wedges, cushions, and hospital bed trapezes help complete a homecare setup, making it more functional, convenient, and comfortable.

Bed Rails - Rails provide additional safety for fall-risk patients or anyone who needs a bit more security. Many bed rails will work with hospital beds in a complementary fashion. A wide variety of options are available depending on the patient's specific needs.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. Will Medicare cover my purchase from Vitality Medical?

Vitality Medical does not bill Medicare or any other 3rd party insurance companies.

2. What should I do if something malfunctions?

Vitality Medical is here to support you, as we honor all warranties. Please note that each manufacturer may offer different warranties. If you have problems, please call us at 800-397-5899 and we will assist you.

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