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Incontinence Pads, Guards & Liners

Incontinence Pads, Guards and Liners are incontinence supplies that are specifically designed to offer complete protection against light, moderate and severe bladder control problems. There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting adult incontinence pads. Selecting the appropriate adult pad can help contribute to healthy skin while simultaneously providing complete protection of your linens, everyday clothing and household furniture.

Insert Pads - These are slim absorptive pads that are inserted into regular underwear to help with urinary leakage. They are designed in many different styles to accommodate both men and women, and are labeled for light, moderate, heavy, or super absorbency to help you accurately find what you need.

Liner Pads (Large Insert Pads) - Mostly of a lightweight absorbency, these are ideal for individuals with lighter urinary leakage. There are several different sizes, styles, and levels of absorbency, however. Some have a higher concentration of polymer, while others are more lightweight with a lower level of watery-absorbing abilities. Individuals with a more active lifestyle will want to look for thinner material that is both discreet and flexible.

Booster Pads & Diaper Doublers - These products are designed to be doubled up with a diaper or brief. Their soft, flow-through material can fill to capacity and then pass additional fluid into the primary garment. These are a great choice for individuals who find themselves frequently filling up and leaking through their other incontinence garments, like diapers or pads.

Male Guard Pads - Specifically designed for the male body, these are designed to capture urine leaks and dribbles throughout the day, keeping clothing dry and skin chaffe-free. They come in different sizes and styles to accommodate the many varied needs men. When buying, consider the shape and fit, as well as the level of absorbency. Most of them are the perfect choice for individuals who wear boxers.

Mesh Underwear - These are a disposable products that offer comfortable, effective protection against light to moderate incontinence leakage. It can be worn by itself, while also having having room to discreetly hold pads and liners. There are several different styles that would appeal to a wide array of preferences.

Read through some of the features and benefits below to learn about which product will work best for you.

Need-To-Know Features and Benefits

Absorption: The absorption level indicates the amount and concentration of water-absorbing polymers. An incontinence pad with a higher amount of polymer will have a higher absorption capacity. For example, many inserts are inserted inside of adult diapers are designed with a high amount of water-absorbing polymer for heavy leakage. Many have a backsheet that allows liquid to flow through them, thus allowing them to be effectively worn within an adult diaper for maximum absorption.

When choosing which absorbency level is right for you, remember to choose a product with the correct absorbency levels instead of trying to layer several products together. It will be far more effective (and comfortable) if you choose a product designed with the right absorbency level for you. There are several different absorbency levels: Very Light, Light, Moderate and Heavy. Depending on your needs, you should choose a product that will provide the most protection for you throughout the day. Remember that larger sizes don't always provide a higher absorption capacity; make sure that you choose a product with the correct amount of water-absorbing polymer for a truly comfortable fit.

If you experience light urinary leakage, and diapers are too bulky or unnecessary for you, a liner may be an ideal choice. Designed to be lightweight and less bulky, incontinence liners are worn with regular underwear or mesh underwear and have an adherent backing that helps keep them in place. Liners are designed with a super-absorbent core that helps effectively keep moisture away from the skin and an acquisition layer that locks away fluid, keeping skin dry and free from irritation.

Shape: The shape of your incontinence pad plays a vital role in how liquid is absorbed and overall user comfort. Most male guard pads are body-shaped and contain an outer fabric used for stress and urge incontinence, while those for women are designed to be thin and long to provide for a higher level of discreetness, freedom of movement and physical-self-assurance. Women's liners are slightly longer than normal incontinence liners but are woven with higher levels of elastic to ensure that they stay concealed, even throughout the most active parts of the day. Contoured pads are another popular product that are designed to adhere more comfortably to the body for a higher level of containment and less leakage.

Backsheets are incontinence pads that are meant to be worn inside another absorbent undergarment with the intention of increasing absorbency and minimizing changes. Most do not have a waterproof packing to them, thus allowing wetness to flow and into the diaper while preventing leaks. Boosters and Doublers are ideal for people who frequently experience leakage, rashes and nighttime chafing. These can be worn with protective pants, or as a doubler in undergarments.

Backsheets come in several different types of materials. Some of the following different types of backsheets include:

  • Breathable waterproof backing, which is ideal for use while sitting on furniture such as chairs, beds or additional pieces of furniture or linens that require protection from accidental fluid and urine leakage. Breathable waterproof material keeps the skin dry and actively prevents fluid from getting onto linens and furniture.
  • Airflow Waterproof backing is the highest quality of backing and the most ideal for maintaining healthy skin integrity and a dry healing environment. Often used in conjunction with low air loss mattress, airflow waterproof backing does not block the air and effectively promotes completely dry skin.

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