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Aspirators | Suction Machines - Portable Aspirators

Aspirators, also known as suction machines, are medical devices used to extract mucus and other fluids from an individual. Our wide selection of aspirators is perfect for anyone who has had a tracheotomy. We offer durable, high-performing aspirators for home-care use. One of our most popular and portable aspirators is the Devilbiss suction aspirator machines. This aspirator is available for use in both home and vehicle, which allows you to aspirate when you need it.

Tracheotomy care becomes convenient and hassle-free with our selection of portable suction machines. Peruse our aspirators today to find the best suction machine for your needs! To see the indications of use for an aspirator, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Indications of Use for an Aspirator

  • Audibly rattling mucus from the trach.
  • Dry, hoarse breathing or a whistling noise from the trachea.
  • Evidence of respiratory distress.
  • Rapid breathing.

Suction Depths While Using an Aspirator

  • Shallow Suctioning: suction at the opening of the trach tube.
  • Deep Suctioning: imbed the catheter until you sense resistance. (Take care and refrain from forceful suctioning, as this may damage the lining of the trachea.)

Note: Information on our website is intended for customer convenience and is not a substitution for the direction of a physician.

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