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Respiratory Therapy

Vitality Medical carries the Respiratory Therapy solutions to successfully treat long-term respiratory ailments or maintain overall lung health. Every breathing therapy device and all oxygen therapy supplies are sourced from trusted partners for superior quality at industry-leading prices.

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So how does Vitality Medical support Respiratory Therapy for my patients, my parents or myself?

Oxygen Concentrators -- Medically necessary oxygen concentrators filter and concentrate air to provide supplemental oxygen. Vitality Medical has one of the broadest offerings of stationary and portable oxygen concentrators. This ranges from just-the-basics stationary oxygen therapy machines to Portable O2 Concentrators that verbally indicate battery life and alarms. We have certified oxygen concentrator specialists ready to guide you to the oxygen machine that fits your needs and budget.

Air Purifiers/Humidifiers -- Stationary and portable air cleaners or purifiers trap small, airborne particles before they irritate lungs and airways. Several performance-enhancing accessories, such as filters, are available.

Humidifiers/Vaporizers -- These turn purified water into an ultra-fine mist that keeps nasal passages comfortable in dry climates or during the winter. No longer staid, today's humidifiers are sleek and stylish -- perfect for the office or home. There are even whimsical humidifiers available for the smallest patients.

CPAP -- A full line of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines and accessories, including parts and masks, are available to treat sleep apnea. Vitality Medical has carrying cases, heated tubes, humidifiers and SD cards to maximize apnea treatment -- awake fully rested. Variable positive airway pressure (VPAP) machines are also available for advanced apnea treatment.

Nebulizers/Compressors -- Nebulizers and compressors turn medication into microscopic droplets and provide it to the lungs. Piston and ultrasonic nebulizers are available, as well as stationary and portable units to keep respiratory ailments under control no matter where you are. Replacement parts, saline and even pediatric dragon masks are available to ensure successful therapy for everyone.

Breathing Therapy -- From cough assist devices like the T70 Cough Assist, to spirometers such as the Threshold Inspiratory Muscle Trainer, peak flow meter and respirators, we have breathing therapy machines and supplies to suit all needs and budgets.

Tracheostomy Supplies -- We provide virtually every accessory needed for the comfort and convenience of those who have had a tracheotomy. This includes collars, barrier films, HMEs and cleaning supplies to maintain performance and prevent tracheal infections caused by improper care.

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