Auto-Reorder Overview

Auto-Reorder Overview

Free Shipping

Free Shipping on Auto-Reorders over $35

  • Receive Free Shipping on your initial purchase and future Auto-Reorder orders
  • Processed and shipped the same day the order is scheduled
  • Convenient tracking and order updates
  • Safe and Secure order processing with SSL and server encryption

Setup products for Auto-Reorder directly from cart

  • Add the product you want to Auto-Reorder to your cart
  • Select "Regular Delivery" and select your frequency
  • Finish your order and you're done!
Select Regular Delivery
Easy to Manage

Update, track, and organize your subscriptions all in one place

  • Easily customize your next ship date
  • Modify items in your existing subscription
  • Manage your ship locations and payment information

Auto-Reorder Terms & Conditions

How do I sign up for Auto-Reorder?

To set up Auto Reorder & Save:

  • Items eligible for Auto-Reorder will have reorder options displayed on the cart page.
  • Select how often you would like an automatic reorder of the item to be delivered, and how many of the item you would like in each order on the cart page.

When you've finished selecting items, simply proceed to checkout. Confirm that all the important details are correct (e.g. billing and shipping information, items, quantity, frequency, etc.) before you complete your order. Once this first order is shipped, you can modify future shipments in your customer account. We’ll send you an order reminder before sending each of your reorders. You'll be able to review the details of your order and make any adjustments necessary before it processes.

How do automatic reorders help me save?

All items in automatic reorders will receive free shipping as long as the combined total is greater than $35.00! You may save even more if the item is on sale at the time your reorder ships. Even better, you will receive Free Shipping on your first order when you set up your order for Auto-Reorder. After your first order all of your automatic reorders are sent with our Economy shipping. In order to receive free shipping on your recurring orders you must have at least 2 recurring orders a year.

Will my automatic reorders be the same as my original order?

The Auto-Reorder program saves your preferences for each item separately. Your reorders for each item will default to the settings you selected on your original order, with a few important exceptions:

  • Automatic reorders are always sent with Economy shipping. You can choose to place your first order with any shipping rate it qualifies for, but all reorders are sent via Economy.
  • Prices and savings are subject to change. If the item is on sale at the time your reorder is placed, you'll receive the greater of the two discounts. Any sales taxes that apply to your reorder will be based on the final price.
  • The Auto-Reorder in the customer section allows you to change your preferences at any time. Changes you save to your reorder preferences will only affect future reorders, and will not affect any orders already in progress.
  • If you make changes to the shipping addresses and payment methods saved on your account, this can affect the items you've set up for Auto-Reorder. Please always review your reminder emails to make sure that your reorder details are current and correct.
  • Manufacturers may make changes to items without prior notice.

Vitality Medical Inc. reserves the right to change prices without notice, even in cases of quotations, due to current supply chain dynamics. We reserve the right to stop or change the Auto-Reorder program at any time without prior notice.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

We've made it easy to manage your subscriptions from your account login. You can easily change dates, cancel subscriptions, fast reorder, or temporarily pause subscriptions. In the event you need to cancel before your first recurring order you may be charged for the free shipping you received with your initial order based on the shipping rates at the time you placed your order.