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Incontinence Care

The right type of incontinence products will enable people to discretely take care of their incontinence needs with dignity while maintaining their daily routine. There are several different incontinence options to choose from and finding the right product means answering a few simple questions to ensure superior convenience and comfort.

  1. What type of incontinence am I experiencing?
  2. What kinds of incontinence products are available?
  3. How do I know which products are right for me?

Incontinence Overview

What type of incontinence am I experiencing?

The type of incontinence that someone experiences will determine which products will best suit their needs. Stress incontinence can be caused by sneezing, laughing, or being startled and usually only requires products with light to moderate absorption. For those who cannot recognize the urge to go due to a stroke or brain injury, products with more coverage and higher absorption may be required. Incontinence can also be a symptom of an internal obstruction that causes the bladder to get too full. A tumor along the urinary tract can cause heavy urine loss in which the patient has no control and loses all the liquid at once. A bedridden patient, who is unable to get to the bathroom, will also require moderate to heavy-duty incontinence products. Bowel incontinence of any kind will typically require heavy incontinence items with more coverage.

What kinds of incontinence products are available?

  • Liners
  • Disposable underwear (pull-on)
  • Adult Briefs (Diapers)
  • Washable Incontinence Underwear
  • Wipes/Washcloths
  • Specialty products and sizes (includes nighttime use products and bariatric products)

Liners are the most lightweight incontinence products available and provide the least amount of coverage. They are made up of an absorbent piece of material with an adhesive backing that can be placed directly on the underwear to absorb occasional, light incontinence. Liners come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a perfect on-the-go incontinence solution. Our most popular liner product for women is the Prevail Bladder Control Pads and our most popular liner product for men is the Prevail Male Guard.

Pull-on disposable underwear provides absorption for bladder incontinence while providing more coverage than liners. They are lightweight and come in gender-specific shapes and sizes. They have a stretchable, comfortable fit that feels more like real underwear. With tear-away sides that make it easy to remove the underwear, these incontinence pull-ons will be easy to change throughout the day. Pull-on disposable underwear is discrete to wear and is typically recommended for those who need moderate absorbency. One of the most popular pull-ons that we offer is the McKesson Ultra Pull-Up Underwear.

Adult briefs, similar to diapers, have adhesive tags or hook and loop tags on both sides to secure the briefs and can be used for light to heavy incontinence. They provide maximum coverage and are easy to put on and remove. We have a wide variety of adult briefs that allow people to find the perfect match for them in terms of absorbency, breathe-ability, type of material, and size. The most popular adult briefs for our customers are the Wings Choice PLUS Heavy Absorbency Briefs.

The washable incontinence underwear works perfectly for people who would prefer something that feels and looks like regular underwear. They are perfect for light incontinence and additional liners can be worn with them, if necessary. Our bestselling washable incontinence underwear for men is the Sir Dignity Fitted Brief. The bestselling underwear specifically for women is the Free & Active Panty.

Adult wipes and washcloths are different from baby wipes. They are more durable, protect the skin from rashes, and will leave the skin feeling fresh and clean. There are two different types of adult wipes: dry and wet. We have a variety of wipes on our site that come in different sizes and scents. Some of our most popular wipes are the Attends Washcloths.

Specialty products such as overnight briefs or TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Briefs that allow for extended wear and support are also available on our site.

How do I know which products are right for me?

Finding the right type of incontinence product is crucial when it comes to maintaining a busy schedule while ensuring confidence and comfort. Some factors to consider when deciding on an incontinence product are absorbency, sizing, use, odor protection, and materials.

Some absorbency terms to be aware of are:

  • Absorbency Rate: How fast the product absorbs
  • Absorbency Capacity: How much the product absorbs
  • Absorbency retention: How well the product holds liquid
  • Re-Wetting Rate: How dry the product stays
Doubling up on diapers or liners because extra absorbency is needed will waste money and be uncomfortable for the wearer. It can also cause leakage and makes the wearer more prone to skin irritation. It's important to find a product that has the maximum amount of absorbency necessary to ensure dryness and comfort. Booster pads such as the TotalDry Booster Pads can be helpful in these situations to provide the right amount of absorbency and prevent leakage. Finding the right size is also important. If an item is too large, the likelihood of leakage increases. When wearing a brief, an adult should be able to have a hands width of space between each tab.

Our incontinence products are made with a variety of materials to ensure comfort. The First Quality Pad technology included in the Prevail Control Pads has five layers of absorbent cloth, waterproof, and wick layers that reduce odors while providing heavy absorbency. The Prevail Breezers come with odor guard technology that will reduce embarrassing odors. Knowing what your priorities are will help you choose which incontinence products are right for you.

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