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Semi Electric Hospital Beds for Home Use

Semi-electric homecare beds are medical beds that are quite similar to full-electric hospital beds. Although both semi-electric and full-electric hospital beds both use motors to raise the head and foot sections of the bed, semi-electric homcare beds have the capability to raise or lower the height of the bed parallel to the floor automatically. Semi-electric beds use a hand crank to raise and lower the bed deck.

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How to Choose a Semi-Electric Bed

At Vitality Medical, we offer several different types of manufacturers who carry semi-electric homecare beds. Browse through some of the most popular manufacturers to find the right semi-electric bed for you:

  • Drive Medical: Drive Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical supplies, and offers several different semi-electric beds, including models with channel frames and ultra-light models.
  • Invacare: Invacare is another leading manufacturer of medical supplies, including hospital beds. If you're looking for a semi-electric hospital bed that's simultaneously sturdy and economical, take a look at the selection that Invacare offers.
  • Graham-Field: Graham-Field carries several different types of hospital beds, including a semi-electric hospital bed ideal for use within a care facility, home or hospital.

Semi-Electric Bed Features

There are several benefits to choosing a semi-electric hospital bed. Some of the most popular reasons patients choose a semi-electric bed include:
  • Back and foot adjustment allow for an anatomically correct sleep surface.
  • Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight.
  • Head and foot section adjust electronically.
  • Height adjusts manually.
  • Quiet, smooth operation.

The advantages and disadvantages offered by semi electric hospital beds and other hospital beds can be viewed at Hospital Bed Comparisons.

Semi Electric Hospital Bed Featured Patient Indications

  • Manually Adjusted Height to Make it Easier to Get in and out of Bed
  • Automatically Adjustable Head and Leg Positions for Comfort and Increased Circulation during Recovery
  • Comfortable, Safe and Customizable Hospital Beds
  • Cost-Effective Pricing

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