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2 Piece Colostomy Systems allow you to change the ostomy bag without having to remove the baseplate or skin barrier. Two Piece Ostomy Systems consist of a skin barrier (also called a flange, wafer or base plate) which attaches to the stoma and snaps together with the ostomy bag through a plastic flange. The skin barrier protects the skin and funnels waste to the ostomy bag that collects and stores the waste. Additionally, these bags are easy to apply and remove, and should be replaced approximately every two to five days; the skin barriers should be replaced approximately once or twice a week. You can purchase skin barriers by the box such as the Natura Durahesive extended wear Skin Barriers by ConvaTec and be ready when you have an unexpected cleaning. 2-Piece Ostomy Bags are available in many different shapes and sizes to best meet the needs of individual ostomy patients.

Determine If a 2-Piece Ostomy Bag Is Right For You

A 2-piece ostomy bag might be the ideal choice for you the following reasons:

  • For those who have to change their ostomy bag often, a 2-piece ostomy bag is more practical and less intrusive to the skin.
  • A two piece ostomy bag can be used for an ileostomy, urostomy and colostomy care.
  • A two-piece system requires you to purchase an ostomy bag and skin barrier separately. If you are unfamiliar with skin barriers or wafers, take a look at some of the options we offer by ConvaTec to view your choices of Skin Barriers or Wafers. A two-piece ostomy bag and a one-piece ostomy bag, are equally effective, so the choice of which system to select is completely based on user preference or individual circumstances.
  • Ostomy patients with sensitive skin may want to use a 2-piece system to reduce the number of times that the skin barrier is removed and replaced.

Two Piece Ostomy Systems Options

Two piece ostomy systems are available in a wide variety of different options. Here are some of the differences that two-piece ostomy systems are available:

  • A stick-on system may be ideal for you if you have arthritis or loss of dexterity in your hands.
  • A clip-on system may be ideal for you if you are visually impaired.
  • A transparent bag is ideal for you if you prefer to see the contents of the pouch. Transparent ostomy bags allow for easy visual inspection and are favored by caregivers and hospital staff for easier monitoring.
  • An opaque bag may be right for you if you don't wish to see the contents of the bag. Opaque ostomy bags are favored by ostomy patients who are no longer in the hospital, finding that the opaque design offers more discreet functionality.
  • A pre-cut pouch has a hole positioned in the center of the skin barrier, matching the exact size of the stoma. This might be the best option for you if you're searching for a bag that allows the easy and convenient exchange of a soiled ostomy bag with a fresh one.
  • A cut-to-fit pouch might be the best option for you if you have an irregularly-shaped stoma that does not fit a pre-sized barrier. Cut-to-fit 2-piece ostomy bags allow the pouch to fit the shape and size of most stomas for greater flexibility and adaptation to the individual patient.
  • A drainable two-piece ostomy system might be preferable for you if you empty your pouch several times a day or have an output that is primarily liquid.
  • A closed two-piece system might work best for you if you're searching for a pouch to use while swimming or during intimate moments.
  • A two-piece system with filters is a great option if you're searching for a way to effectively control unwanted odors or gas buildup.
  • A two-piece system with belt tabs is ideal for you if you need extra support or if you are a bariatric patient.

Choose Between a Drainable and Closed Pouch

2 Piece Ostomy Bags are available in drainable or closed versions:

  • Drainable Ostomy Bags allow you to drain the contents of the ostomy pouch without having to remove from the stoma.
  • Closed Ostomy Bags on the other hand are easily disposable and exchanged for a new replacement pouch. Closed Ostomy Bags are designed for one-time use. Offering greater ease of use, closed-system ostomy bags are less likely to leak or release odors. Active ostomy patients and those that exercise daily favor closed-system ostomy bags. For ostomy patients that enjoy swimming and water sports, filtered ostomy bags allow patients to reduce their risk of leaks. Patients who play sports also find the filtered ostomy bags very useful. Ostomy Bags with an integrated filter offer continuous venting without liquids penetrating inside or outside the pouch. Belt tabs provide additional support for ostomy bags to keep them secure against the body. Some ostomy pouches have built-in belt tabs that provide extra support and easier securement.

Find an Ostomy Pouch

Select from the top manufacturers of 2-piece colostomy bags products like ConvaTec, Coloplast, Genairex - Now Hollister or Hollister for the best 2 Piece Ostomy Bag to fit your lifestyle! More information about an ostomy or stoma can be viewed at the following webpage: Ostomies and Stomas. Click on the following link to Compare 1-Piece and 2-Piece Ostomy Bags.


Application of a Closed-End Two-Piece Ostomy Pouching System Video (2:00 minutes)

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