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What Is an Ostomy Adhesive?

Ostomy adhesives help keep the ostomy bag connected to the stoma. Skin Barriers are solid square or round pieces of adhesive material used to protect the skin from urine and stool. Often skin barriers lack sufficient adhesion to stay in place. When your ostomy appliances do not stay in place, you should consider an Ostomy Adhesive.

What Is an Ostomy Appliance?

Ostomy appliances often use an additional adhesive material to attach the skin barrier to the area surrounding the stoma. Ostomy Adhesives include ostomy spray adhesive, ostomy liquid adhesive, ostomy supplies, ostomy tape and waterproof liquid adhesive.

Find an Ostomy Adhesive or Appliance

You can browse through our inventory of ostomy adhesives and appliances by viewing some of the manufacturers of these products that we carry, such as Ostomy Adhesives include NuHope, Perma Type, HyTape, Hollister and Torbot. Skin Tac by Torbot is the best selling ostomy adhesive, followed by Osto Bond.

Many osotmy bag systems feature skin adhesive that is permanently attached to the bag. These are called one piece ostomy bags and are generally intended for short term wear, such as periods ranging from 3 hours to 3 days and the adhesive is formulated for easy removal. The other popular style of pouch system is the two-piece ostomy bags, which feature an adhesive coupling system that can be separated from the bag. While both one-piece and two-piece ostomy bags and pouches do come standard with their own adhesive around the flange, many users find that applying an additional adhesive provides extra support throughout the day, especially for those leading an active lifestyle, and can aid in the performance and completion of such functions as bathing, swimming, exercise or sexual activity.

An ostomy adhesive is an important addition to any ostomy bag system. By supporting the ostomy bag, ensuring its secure, proper placement upon the skin, as well as providing protection to the peristomal skin area from exposure to stomal effluent and minimizing leakage and discomfort, the adhesive ensures confidence and security in the wearer. Overall, the adhesive is very important in the performance of an ostomy pouch, as it allows the appliance to safely adhere to the user's skin while absorbing moisture during wear. This can of course lead to a higher quality of life for the user. Adhesives should be secure enough to adhere to the skin, while also allowing ease of changing, by utilizing a specially-designed pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) formula, which forms a bond at the application of pressure upon the skin.

Why Choose an Ostomy Adhesive?

Ostomy adhesives are an ideal choice for ostomy patients who seek additional confidence and support from their ostomy drainage system while also desiring a protective seal around the peristomal area. They are formulated to allow the skin to breathe, meaning that even users with sensitive skin can still benefit from use of these products, while also being designed to withstand moisture, working with the body's natural sweat components in order to provide support through even the dampest situations. Adhesives are also strong enough maintain a hold, yet are designed to comfortably bend and flex with movement of skin while providing a secure and reliable seal around the stoma barrier. Available in several forms each with a different means of application. Choose from sprays, tapes, wipes or latex-based skin-bond adhesives.

Different Types of Ostomy Adhesives:

  • Spray Adhesives: Sprays are a great option for those who may have very active sweat glands since their medical-grade silicone compound is unaffected by moisture. Their lack of latex and alcohol also makes them a smart choice for those with sensitive skin. They are easy to use, and can be applied directly to an ostomy appliance or to the skin itself.
  • Tape Adhesives: Tape adhesives may be the ideal choice for allergy sensitive patients who seek extended wear application. Their design allows them to provide a secure covering when exposed to external moisture or wet, hairy or oily skin. Due to their typically high occlusive properties, tape adhesives are able to withstand soiling from secretions while still staying in place.
  • Wipe Adhesives: Wipes are a very convenient, latex-free option that may be the right choice for those looking for an adhesive on the go. Since they are all inclusive, there is no need for an external applicator and the small, individual packaging makes them perfect for travel.
  • Latex-Based Skin-Bond Adhesives: Skin-bond adhesives are a very durable yet gentle option that may be the best choice for those who have no allergies to latex. The latex compound provides some of the strongest adhesion around while the zinc oxide substantially reduces skin irritation. Their convenient brush cap applicator ensures that no other components are required.

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