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What Is an Ostomy Adhesive Remover? is a skin care product for ostomy patients. Ostomy appliances often use adhesive materials to attach the skin barrier to the area surrounding the stoma. When the ostomy appliance is removed, the old adhesive materials should be removed from the skin. Often mild soap and water is not enough to remove all of the adhesive material.

How Do Ostomy Adhesive Removers Work?

Ostomy Adhesive Removers easily remove the old adhesive to cleanse the skin. Ostomy Adhesive Removers are available in several options, including the following:

  • Adhesive Remover wipes
  • Tape remover pads
  • Lotion
  • Spray and liquid removers with applicator

Find an Ostomy Adhesive Remover

Respected manufacturers of Ostomy Adhesive Removers include 3M, Coloplast, ConvaTec, Hollister, Covidien, ReliaMed and Bard. Detachol Adhesive Remover is the best selling adhesive remover. Vitality Medical carries each of the adhesive removers from the respected manufacturers as well as Detachol at DISCOUNT prices. Shop today for discount ostomy adhesive removal supplies

Removal of an ostomy pouching system can sometimes be stressful, especially for those still getting acquainted with their ostomy bag. Simply ripping it off could damage the skin. Of course, soap and warm water is a good start; however, sometimes adhesive residue may still remain. In this case, we recommend an ostomy adhesive remover. Adhesive Removers are the perfect companion to any ostomy adhesive, making ostomy pouch removal faster, cleaner and easier so that ostomy patients can confidently go about their day.

When removing an ostomy pouch, it is important to wash off all of the adhesive remover from the skin with soap and water, making sure to completely dry the skin before applying the new pouching system. Be sure to avoid any soaps or cleaners containing oils, perfumes or chemicals as these can be irritating to the skin around the stoma or the stoma itself, and can also prevent the skin barrier from adhering to the skin.

Medical Adhesive Removers can protect against abrasions and stripping of skin, while removing adhesive build-up. Many create a protective film layer between the skin and the adhesive once applied. You may choose from a wide range of ostomy adhesive removers, including remover wipes, tape remover pads, and Detachol Adhesive Remover.

How Do I Choose a Medical Adhesive Remover?

While all of the different types of Medical Adhesive Removers offer fast and efficient removal of adhesive and its accompanying residue, some might be more well-suited to your lifestyle than others.

  • Sprays are a soft and gentle, typically alcohol-free option that are specially designed to be completely emptied to prevent product waste.
  • If you find that you need the convenience of an adhesive remover on the go, then Wipes are the option for you since adhesive remover wipes are usually packaged in individual packets, making them perfect for traveling. Wipes also require no extra components, upping the convenience factor even further; however, some do contain alcohol, which some may find irritating to the skin.
  • Fast-drying Detachol Adhesive Remover is a great option for those who may require an adhesive remover on their face since the pleasant fragrance will not irritate the eyes or nose, though you will still want to avoid getting it directly in the eyes. Detachol also helps prevent skin tears that contribute to the risk of local infection and, since it is alcohol-free, will not degrade sterile gloves during use.

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