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IV Supplies & Equipment

Vitality Medical carries a full line of IV products dedicated to intravenous treatment and infusion therapy. Find wholesale pricing of all the trusted brands of IV equipment from BD Becton Dickinson, B. Braun, and Johnson & Johnson. These vital IV supplies include IV syringes and catheters, IV starter kits and dressings, IV infusion sets, IV pole accessories, and more. Stock up today!

Available IV Therapy Products

  • IV Catheters - deliver medications and fluids directly into the vein. This category offers a variety of gauge sizes of catheters and catheter systems with a cannula.
IV Catheter System
  • Blood Collection Products - includes products needed to sample the patient's blood such as blood collection tubes, blood transfer devices, and blood collection sets.
  • Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device
  • Tourniquets - are stretchable bands placed above the site where venipuncture is performed to pool the blood.
  • Tourniquets
  • IV Start Kits - conveniently pre-packages the medical supplies required to prepare the skin for the IV. The items are placed in order of use.
  • IV Start Kit
  • IV Extension Sets - connects to the patient's IV catheter to create more distance from the patient and the medication. Depending on the flow rate and priming volume, extension sets come in a variety of tubing or bore.
  • IV Extension Sets
  • IV Administration Sets - are similar to IV extension sets for delivery of fluids and medication, but these medical devices work with a pump to optimize infusion therapy.
  • IV Administration Set
  • IV Infusion Sets - is placed directly into the vein to deliver fluids and medication. Winged Infusion Sets like the SUREFLO Winged Infusion Set keeps the needle in place as the wings conform to the body's contour.
  • Winged Infusion Sets

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