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Surgical Instruments

Vitality Medical carries a broad selection of Surgical Instruments, Supplies and Products including medical scissors, medical forceps, surgical staple removers, suture removal tools, suture needles, scalpels and blades, surgical kits, skin staplers, and razors. Scalpels are used to perform incisions for surgery but there are different types of scalpers for different types of surgeries. These items are used by surgical doctors or surgeons, sometimes with the assistance of surgical technologists or nurses. They should of course only be used by trained and licensed professionals.

Different Types of Instruments and Supplies

Medical Scissors are used for cutting bandages, performing dissections, cutting stitches and various other tasks. Forceps are used for precision grasping tasks or for holding multiple objects in place temporarily. Some are similar to tweezers, while others are built with a more scissor-like operating mechanism. On the subject of surgical staplers it has been shown that it is beneficial to use them in place of sutures when time is of the essence in closing a wound or incision. Before incisions can be made the area must generally be shaved and cleaned in order to increase visibility during surgery and decrease the chances of infection.

Vitality Medical carries many surgical instruments such as:

  • Scissors
  • Forceps / Tweezers
  • Suture supplies
  • Skin staplers and skin staple supplies
  • Scalpels and blades
  • Prep razors

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