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Adult Plastic Pants and Diaper Covers

Adult Plastic Pants and waterproof adult diaper covers economically protect your clothing and furnishings by trapping and retaining liquids that may have leaked from incontinence briefs.

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Adult Diaper Covers - Understanding the Style and Material

Vitality Medical has assembled a list of key features to look for when selecting a cover.

Style Types:

Available in different styles to suit user preferences:

  • Pull-on-style -- This popular type simply slips over incontinence briefs.
  • Snap-on-style -- If the user is unable to stand, the Salk Sani-Pant Snap-On diaper cover may be changed while the user is lying down.
  • Material Types:


    • Vinyl -- Slightly softer in feel and very quiet for additional discretion because the material minimizes rustling noises to bolster day-to-day confidence.
    • Latex-free plastic -- Ideal for those with latex allergies.
    • Shopper's Tip for Adult Plastic Pants and Diaper Covers

      Look for models that feature reinforced vinyl on the inside. This helps extend the longevity, making them an even greater value!

      Regardless of material, many waterproof diaper covers like the Protective Pull-Ons tend to be generously sized so they can easily cover an adult diaper or incontinence brief. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to not only make these waterproof covers quiet, but discreet in appearance, as well. In fact, several models are made of low-sheen, white materials that mimic traditional briefs from a distance.

      Select Vinyl Adult Diaper Cover features odor-reducing, anti-microbial covers, such as the Priva Vinyl Pants for Extra Protection, to keep users feeling fresh.

      A world away from children's pull-up-style disposables, Incontinence Pants feature specially designed, non-binding elastic that not only enhances all-day comfort, but helps trap errant leaks. The wasteband on Adult Plastic Pants carefully mimics those on traditional undergarments for a secure, no-slip fit. In fact, the Unisex Vinyl Protective Pull-On claims to provide irritation-free wearing.

      Adult Plastic Pants are an ideal complement to washable underwear and reusable briefs because they economically provide an additional layer of incontinence protection.

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