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Acusine Nasal Spray

By Acusine
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  • Extra Strength
  • All Natural
  • Homeopathic Combination Medicine
  • Easy To Use 1-Way Metered Dose Pump Spray

Indications: For temporary relief of sinus congestion due to colds and flu, hay fever, rhinitis, and nasal dryness.

This all natural product has been formulated to

  • normalize breathing
  • unplug stuffy nose
  • decrease inflammation
  • prevent nasal drying.

For many decades in Europe, the ingredients of Acusine proved to be very effective against a wide variety of sinus symptoms.

Acusine is an all natural alternative to most common nasal sprays.

Product Videos

Proper Use of Nasal Spray (2:45 Minutes)

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Cherie Zachary, Midwest Allergy & Asthma. I’m here to show you how to properly use your nasal spray. Your nasal sprays have a cap on them which will need to be removed. Some of the nasal sprays also have a guard on them and you will need to remove this as well. Before you use your nasal spray, make sure that you blow your nose, clean all of the mucus out of your nose. You want to then put your thumb at the bottom of the nasal spray, your index finger and forefinger at the top. If this is a brand new battle, push down to prime the medication so that it’s ready for your use. Then, you’ll want to take your other hand and close the nostril that you’re not going to insert the medication into. When you are going to use your medication, you want to aim toward the back of your head. You do not want to aim toward the nasal septum which is the piece of cartilage that divides right from left. If you aim toward the nasal septum and the medicine hits the nasal septum, the lining of that part of the nose is thinner than the rest of the nose and that is where you can have some nose bleeds, that is not a side effect of the medication, that is due to wrong inhaler technique. So, please aim toward the back of your nose away from your nasal septum. Let all of your air out, put the medication with the applicator into your nostril and squirt down while you take a slow deep breath in. Don’t take a hard breath in or all of the medication will go into the back of your throat and not stay in your nose. You want to repeat the same steps with the exception of priming the medication for the other nostril. If you’ve got to take a second dose of medication, you want to wait at least 3 minutes before you do that. When you have finished taking your medication, don’t blow your nose after you finished taking your last dose of medication or you will have blown all the medication out of your nose and it won’t be effective. When you’re finished taking your medication, you want to replace the safety guard and you want to replace the cap and store your medication for the next use.

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