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Fleet was founded by Doctor Charles Browne Fleet in 1869 as a small pharmacy in Lynchburg, Virginia. Dr. Fleet provided health and beauty products. Later, Fleet developed his own medications, balms and salves. Fleet invented the first laxative in 1893. Today Fleet provides several laxative choices including Fleet Adult Enema, Fleet Pediatric Enema, Fleet Mineral Enema, Fleet Bisacodyl Enema, Fleet Sodium Enema and Fleet Sodium Phosphate Enema. Fleet has expanded to provide other health care products for feminine care including Summer’s Eve and Norforms, gastro care including Fleet and Casen Fleet, oral rehydration including OralSuero, BioralSuero and Sueroral, and oral care including Clinomyn.

Fleet manufactures both OTC and Rx versions of its laxative products. Fleet Enema products are known for their safe and effective bowel cleansing and constipation relief. Also known as Fleet Laboratories, Fleet continues to develop enema and laxative products that meet the needs of a changing world.

Fleet Adult Enema - saline laxative that works in 1 to 5 minutes. Active ingredients include monobasic sodium phoshate monohydrate - 19 g and dibasic sodium phosphate heptahydrate - 7 g.

Fleet Pediatric Enema - childrens laxative works in 1 to 5 minutes. Active ingredients include monobasic sodium phosphate - 9.5 g , dibasic sodium phosphate - 3.5 g.

Fleet Mineral Enema - mineral oil laxative works in 1 to 15 minutes. Active ingredient is mineral oil.

Fleet Bisacodyl Enema - bisacodyl laxative works in 5 to 20 minutes. Active ingredient is bisacodyl 10 mg.

Fleet Sodium Phosphate Enema - sodium laxative used for adults.

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