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Enema Supplies & Suppositories

Enemas are products to stimulate and empty the bowel. Managing constipation may be as easy as making a few simple lifestyle changes. Sometimes, these changes may not be enough and an enema or suppository product is the next step for relief.

Vitality Medical offers a variety of enema supplies, including suppositories, stool softeners, and enema kits to treat chronic constipation or prepare the body for surgery. An enema bucket, like the Medline Enema Set, holds the soap solution and includes lubricant and tubing to flush the colon. This procedure is performed by medical professionals but may be safely used at home. The tube's shut-off clamp enables the easy one-handed operation for the user to comfortably administer in the privacy of a home. Regular bowel care may be necessary for individuals with a spinal cord injury or other medical conditions. Always consult with a doctor before performing regular enema use as frequent constipation may be a sign of other health concerns.

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When to Use an Enema

  • To flush the bowel in preparation for surgery
  • To empty the bowel before a colonoscopy procedure or cancer screening
  • To administer medication specific to the colon
  • To regularly flush and empty bowel due to medical condition
  • To treat constipation
  • To soften stool to reduce strain after childbirth or when treating hemorrhoids


Types of Enemas

Saline Enemas

Enemas can dehydrate the bowel. The benefit of a saline solution made with the active ingredient sodium phosphate is it cleanses the bowel while promoting bowel evacuation. This is ideal for relieving constipation as well as cleansing the bowel to prepare for a rectal exam or surgery.


Mineral Oil Enemas

A mineral oil-based enema is helpful when the stool is hard. The oil quickly coats the stool and keeps the water in the stool for easier passage through the bowel.


Glycerin Enema

Glycerin effectively treats occasional constipation by causing the large intestines to hold more water which keeps the stool soft. Glycerin enemas typically take longer to take effect, up to one hour which is longer than saline or mineral oil enemas that take up to 15 minutes.


  • Enemeez, 987603, is administered in a squeeze tube for rectal insertion of the formula.
  • DocuSol Plus Mini Enema, 1743398835, relieves constipation and contains a topical pain reliever for comfort.
  • Enemez Glycerin Enema


How to Use a Water Enema Bucket or Bag

Keep in mind that all enema kits are packaged differently and therefore users should reference the instructions before beginning. The kit will include lubrication to apply to the nozzle tip or it is pre-lubricated to make rectum insertion more comfortable. Make sure to set aside an hour after the enema is administered to have access to a restroom.

Enema Bucket Set
  1. Start with clean hands and wash with soap and water, and dry completely.
  2. Mix the soap solution with warm water per the product instructions.
  3. Add lubrication to the nozzle tip if it is not pre-lubricated.
  4. Remove all lower-body clothing.
  5. The user will lie down to perform the procedure. Some kits will include an underpad to offer a clean surface area; otherwise, place a clean towel on the floor.
  6. Lie down on the left side if user needs to use the right hand.
  7. Remove the cap on the nozzle tube.
  8. Insert the nozzle tip into the anus, up to four inches.
  9. Release the clamp to allow the liquid to pass and when it is empty, remove the nozzle.
  10. Every user is different and the time it will take to empty the bowels will differ.
  11. When ready, empty the bowels into a toilet.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should water be held in after dispensing the enema solution?
It is recommended to hold the liquid in for at least five minutes, if possible.

What is the difference between an enema and a suppository?
A suppository delivers stool softener and medication for pain relief. An enema is a higher volume injection of fluid into the bowel.

How long does it take for an enema take to work?
The length of time it takes to work will depend on the individual and formula combination. It can work as soon as five minutes or take up to 30 minutes. If saline enema solution is used and the bowel doesn't empty after 30 minutes, contact a doctor, because saline will start to dehydrate the bowel.

What products should be avoided when using glycerin rectal enemas?
The use of Laxatives should be avoided as it can further dehydrate the bowel and cause other problems.

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