Women's Health Supplies & Products

Women's health products by Vitality Medical are maternity products, pessaries, vaginal dilators and feminine hygiene items. Women's health items for feminine hygiene include feminine maxi pads and tampons. Vitality Medical carries women's health brands, such as, Curity, Colgate, evenflo, first quality, fresh times, integra, kendall, Kimberly Clark, prevail, srs medical, scott specialties, boppy, tampax, kotex and more.

A variety of Maternity products are available to help mothers both pre and postnatal. Prior to child birth, helpful maternity products like support belts offer pain relief as baby gets larger during the last months of pregnancy. Belly belts are worn under the clothing day or night adding support by stabilizing the pelvis. The belt lift distributes weight effectively taking pressure off the lower back to relieve back pain and discomfort.

Women's Health products also include medical pessaries to treat uterine prolapse, retroverted uterus, cystocele and urinary incontinence. A prescription is required to purchase a ring pessary, donut pessary and Gellhorn pessary.

Medical professionals can also stock up with ultrasound gel used to smooth over skin during an ultrasound procedure. The ultrasound gel offered by Vitality Medical includes manufactures such as Accelerated Care Plus, Covidien and Graham-Field. The gel is available in bottles and larger refill containers. The ultrasound gel formulas are hypoallergenic and water soluble to not stain clothing.

Vaginal Dilators are a women's health product to help loosen the vaginal tissue to improve comfort during sexual activity. The graduated dilators offer therapy for women starting at the circumference size that's most comfortable and at a pace that's most comfortable.

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