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Personal Care Products & Aids

It's important to take care of yourself on a daily basis. From getting the proper amount of exercise to taking care of your teeth, being able to take care of yourself will help you with your other daily activities, leading to better overall health. Outlined below are the overall goals of each type of personal care product and why it could work for you in the future, allowing you to make the right choice for your body.

Deodorant: Concealing and covering body odor is an important everyday priority in the minds of many people. Making the choice that's right for you isn't difficult, as it's mostly based on personal preference. The most popular kind of application involves a roll on or a gel-like stick that you simply rub into the skin. Another application includes spraying it into the under arm area. This alternate application works well regardless of which item you choose.

Enema and Colon Care: Taking care of the insides is just as important as what you do on the outside. Available enema bags and other colon care products that can keep your intestines clean, giving you more energy and keeping you at optimum overall health. Along with several internal supplies are multiple accessories and other enema aids such as kits, bedpans, tubes and mineral oils, among others.

Oral Hygiene: The teeth, tongue and mouth should be high-priority on the personal care list, in part because it has the ability to carry microorganisms that can cause infections if not properly cared for. Items such toothpaste and dental floss will keep the teeth and mouth clean with daily usage, while mouthwashes can kill the remaining germs and offer a scent as an added feature. There is also a line of denture cleansers including brushes, creams and placement cups, helping you maintain them for longer.

Women's Health: Whether you're an expecting mother, having difficulty with prolapse or just need a few extra items shipped discretely, there are plenty of available options for women to be able to care for themselves. From high-absorbency protection pads to kegel exercise cones and more, these health items will assure you stay healthy inside and out.

H2O and Saline Solution: Water and saline solutions can cover multiple parts of the body including the nose, skin, eyes and other general areas. Cleaning out your nostrils is as easy as using a saline solution. Superficial wounds may require a little more extra attention for proper care. Saline's are also useful in those situations due to its inability to burn or sting the skin. Topicals and other Gels are also available, adding a few extra options to choose from.

From top to bottom, inside and outside, Vitality Medical has plenty of choices available so that you can take care of yourself.

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