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Enemeez Mini & Plus Enema

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Over the counter
  • Nonaddictive
  • No afterburn
  • Nonirritating
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987603 Enemeez Mini Enema

Regular: 30 Single Use Tubes in Plastic Jar - Pack of 30
$2.368 each


987603 Enemeez Mini Enema

Regular: 30 Single Use Tubes in Plastic Jar - Case of 180
$2.335 each

Regular Price: $546.31

Sale Price: $420.22

987703 Enemeez Mini Enema

Plus: w/Benzocaine: 30 Single Use Tubes in Plastic Jar - Pack of 30
$2.389 each

Regular Price: $93.18

Sale Price: $71.66

987703 Enemeez Mini Enema

Plus: w/Benzocaine: 30 Single Use Tubes in Plastic Jar - Case of 180
$2.461 each

Regular Price: $575.98

Sale Price: $443.04

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Who Uses This Product: Enemeez Mini & Plus Enema is useful for anyone seeking quick and painless relief from severe constipation, nausea, or reflux.

Why You’ll Love This Product: It brings relief without causing irritation and is available for purchase without a prescription.

Alliance Labs Enemeez® is an enema formula for treating constipation, nausea, reflux, and other illnesses. It contains a dose of 283mg of docusate sodium. Enemeez Mini Plus has the same amount of docusate sodium but also includes 20 mg of benzocaine to relieve pain.The Enemeez suppository is effective for bowel care needs associated with spinal cord injury, spinal disease, and general constipation. It is also effective for constipation associated with stroke, multiple sclerosis, and spina bifida.

This enema formula dispenses in an easy-to-use application tube with a twist-off tip. The opening offers a smooth surface for comfortable rectal insertion. The tube is squeezed to administer the formula. The formula is non-irritating and provides fast results usually in 2-15 minutes.

Enemeez Enema is useful for reducing expenses for underpads, briefs, and laundry due to fecal incontinence. If you are not sure if this is the right product for you, try a FREE SAMPLE.

How to Use Enemeez

Enemeez Mini Enema
Enemeez Twist-off Top Applicator with Enema
  1. Twist the cap off and remove it
  2. Squeeze a few drops of liquid product out of the tip, letting it slide down the shaft
  3. Use drops to lubricate the shaft
  4. If you desire more comfort, apply a few drops to anus (or use a lubricant)
  5. Lie on your left side (or sit on the toilet, or kneel with your jead and chest pressed to the floor)
  6. Gently slide the tube shaft into the rectum by applying steady pressure
  7. Insert the shaft until you reach the shoulder of the mnain tube
  8. Squeeze the tube until it is empty
  9. While keeping the tube compressed, remove the shaft
  10. Discard the used tube
  11. Wait 2 - 15 minutes

Patient Indications

  • Reflux
  • Nausea
  • Episodes of incontinence
  • Episodes of mucosal discharge
  • General constipation
  • Spinal cord injury or disease

Product Features & Benefits

  • Gentle, non-irritating formula
  • Stool softener
  • No afterburn
  • Minimizes bowel care
  • Easy rectal usage
  • Fast acting, works within 2 to 15 minutes

Enemeez Mini Enema Specifications

  • Product Numbers: 987603
  • Size: 283 mg
  • Packaging: Jar of 30 tubes
  • Active Ingredient: Docusate Sodium 238 mg
  • Inactive Ingredients: Glycerine and Polyethylene Glycol
  • HCPCS Code: A4649
  • Manufacturer: Alliance Labs

Enemeez Plus Enema Specifications

  • Product Numbers: 987703
  • Size: 303 mg
  • Packaging: Jar of 30 tubes
  • Active Ingredients: Docusate Sodium 238 mg and Benzocaine 20 mg
  • Inactive Ingredients: Glycerine and Polyethylene Glycol
  • HCPCS Code: A4649
  • Manufacturer: Alliance Labs



Product FAQ

Q: Is Enemeez Fast Acting?

A: It works within 2 - 15 minutes for many. You may need an acclimation period, especially if you have been using another laxative therapy for a while.

Q: What's the Difference Between the Enemeez Mini Enema and the Enemeez Plus Mini Enema?

A: Each tube of Enemeez Mini Plus contains 20 mg of Benzocaine - this helps deaden pain, making it easier for stools to pass with certain conditions like autonomic dysreflexia.

Q: Is this product an addictive medication?

A: No, Enemeez suppository is not habit forming.

Q: Can Children Use it?

A: Children under 12 should not use This product unless advised to do so by a doctor.

Q: Do I need a prescription from a doctor?

A: No, Enemeez is an over-the-counter medication. No prescription is required.

Q: When should I use Enemeez?

A: Enemeez are employed for the relief of constipation due to infrequent or difficult bowel movements. Enemeez penetrates and softens the stool, thereby promoting bowel movement and Colon Care. This product is indicated for dyschezia, lesions of the anus that make defecation painful, impaction associated with megacolon, anal fissure, and postoperative atresia. Enemeez  have been employed successfully in bedridden patients and those patients with decreased mobility in a patient group from child to adult. Enemeez suppository are also used with acute rehabilitation patients with such diagnoses as spinal cord injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, fractures, joint replacements, and closed head injuries. In bowel management programs, Enemeez help establish a more predictable bowel routine along with reducing the likelihood of bowel accidents and incontinence.

Q: Can I Reduce Time Spent on Bowel Care?

A: Most people experience a movement within 15 minutes.

Q: Does the Product Cause Irritation

A: No.

Q: How Does it Work?

A: The formula gets water from the surrounding cells and structures. The water is added to the stool, which initiates an imitated "natural" movement.

Q: What about Mucosal Discharge?

A: There is no discharge caused by this product.

Q: What Happens if I Don't Have a Movement?

A: Try digital stimulation.

Q: I Don't Have Spinal Problems. Can I Still Use the Product?

A: Yes


Discontinue use if resistance is encountered. Forcing the Enema may result in injury or damage to the rectum. If the enema is not administered properly and occasional rectal examinations are not performed, serious complications can arise. Occasional rectal exams are imperative for patients with impaired rectal function, especially loss of sensation.


  • Use only as Directed
  • Do Not Take with Mineral Oils
  • Individuals with Sensitivity to Benzocate Should Not Use Enemeez Plus. If Rectal Irritation or a Rash Around the Anus Appears, the Product Should be Discontinued
  • Do Not Take Mineral Oil while Using This Product


  • For Rectal Use Only
  • If You Are Experiencing Pain in Your Gut, Feel Like Throwing Up, or Have Thrown Up, Do Not Use This Product
  • Do Not Take for More Than a Week, Unless Your Doctor Directs You to do so
  • Call a Poison Control in Case of Ingestion

Stop Using Immediately and Talk with Your Doctor if You

  • Experience Rectal Bleeding
  • Have a Sudden Change in Bowel Habbits that Last Longer than 2 Weeks
  • Did Not Have a Bowel Movement after Using the Product
  • Become Pregnant or Started Nursing

Active Ingredient(s)

  • Docusate Sodium 283mg
  • Benzocaine 20mg (Enemeez Plus Only



Product Videos


How to Use Enemeez Video (1:36 minutes)



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