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Diabetic Supplies, Products & Equipment

When it comes to diabetic equipment and supplies, Vitality Medical has everything needed to keep glucose levels in check. In one central place, find all the diabetes equipment and diabetic products for every part of the treatment — from skin prep and test strips to lancets and infusion devices. Owen Mumford and BD Becton Dickinson, along with many other popular brands, are available to help customers make confident selections with diabetes care and make the process as painless as the lancet used for blood sampling. Sophisticated diabetic equipment that truly changes diabetes management is the insulin pump. It is an alternative to needle injections for insulin delivery using a transmitter, sensor, and infusion set. These devices work together to continuously monitor glucose levels so the user's insulin doesn't dip or spike. Scroll down for additional help with each category to learn more about products for the management of diabetes.

Top Diabetic Supplies Brands

Full Range of Supplies

  • Insulin Syringes are offered in a variety of gauge needles for patient comfort. To prevent bacterial infection and cross-contamination, each syringe with a needle is individually packaged and sterile. Choose from top brands including BD, McKesson, and Monoject.

    A top-rated insulin syringe option is the BD Lo-Dose U-100. If Insulin Pens are preferable, check out BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Pen Needles, which are ideal for small dosages of five units or less. The design is known for gentle application, and it transports well.


BD Safety Loc Insulin Syringe with Needle
  • Blood Glucose Diabetic Testing Supplies make it easy to test regularly to keep glucose levels in range and prevent blood sugar dips. A meter quickly calculates the blood glucose level by inserting test strips into the meter. Make sure to purchase the test strips compatible with the meter. It only requires a small blood sample collected by gently pricking the finger using a lancet device like the Acti-Lance Safety Lancet.
Prodogy Glucose Meter
  • Miscellaneous Diabetes Care combines a number of supporting diabetic medical supplies, from convenient insulin storage cases and sharps disposal to diabetic skin care and skin prep.

    The side effects of high blood sugar are numerous. For one, it causes dry and itchy skin. Secondly, it damages the blood vessels, leading to poor blood circulation. Good skincare and/or compression wear is important for managing these issues so that additional health problems don't arise. Vitality Medical offers a range of skin creams as well as diabetic socks with compression to control swelling so that tired and achy feet renew and bounce back.

Diabetic Skin Care Cream
  • Insulin Pumps use smart technology to monitor blood glucose levels. The pump releases insulin based on the readings obtained from the system's transmitter that triggers the insulin release via an implanted infusion set. More information can be found below.
MiniMed 630G Insulin Pump
  • An infusion set is implanted on the hip or abdomen for insulin delivery. This is an alternative method to needle injections. Due to the consistent readings obtained with an insulin pump, this minimizes the risk of glucose highs and lows. A pump and infusion system must be recommended by a doctor and require a prescription.
Infusion Set
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