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Glucose Control Solution

Glucose control solutions are designed to mimic human blood so that an accurate glucose test can be taken. It is a liquid with a similar pH level and consistency to human blood, meaning that it will react to the strips and the meter the same way actual blood would. The glucose meter calibration solution is designed to work with a meter and test strips of the same brand as a complete monitoring system. It determines that the glucose meter and glucose test strips are working together the way they should, making a blood glucose monitor control solution an essential part of monitoring blood sugar levels and managing diabetes. Vitality Medical carries glucometer test solutions from popular brands such as Roche ACCU-CHECK, AgaMatrix, Prodigy, OneTouch, and more.

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How Often Is a Blood Glucose Control Solution Test Recommended?

Since glucose test strips are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, especially during shipping, it can be easy for the test to give an inaccurate reading. As such, it is important to use a glucose control solution whenever a new container of strips is opened, if the meter is ever dropped, or whenever one feels it is needed. A control solution for glucometers helps calibrate the monitor so accurate data can be given.

Prodigy Blood Glucose Control Solution



Diabetic glucose control solutions are a combination of water, glucose, microbicides, and buffers. The solution has a pH level that is close to the level of human blood. The microbicides prevent the growth of bacteria that would upset the glucose concentration and cause the test to fall outside of the target range.


Top Selling Products

The Prodigy Control Solution is available in two levels and works with the Prodigy Autocode Test Strips.

The Assure Pro Control Solution is a normal to high glucometer test solution designed to work with Arkray USA's Assure Pro Test Strips.

The McKesson True Metrix Control Solution is available in three levels and is designed to work with the McKesson True Metrix Test Strips.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is glucose control solution needed?
It is recommended that a glucose control solution be used in addition to the test strips and glucose monitor.

When should a test be performed with a glucose control solution?
Ultimately, a test should be performed whenever it is needed. The best times are typically when a glucose test falls outside of the expected range or when a new container of test strips is opened.

What is level 2 glucose control solution?
Blood glucose monitor control solutions come in different levels to accommodate different ranges of blood sugars. Typically, the levels represent low, normal, or high glucose concentrations.

How long does glucose control solution last?
Most are good for 90 days from the date the bottle was opened. Be sure to check the expiration date on the box.

Can expired glucose control solution be used?
No. It will not provide an accurate test.


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