Diabetic Insulin Syringes

Managing diabetes is possible. There are many resources where you might find ideas that may be useful. Taking insulin might be necessary. If it is, it can help you control your blood sugar level. Having the right supplies on hand is critical for your effort. Whether you prefer to go with the economical route, or being discrete is more your thing, we have you covered. From insulin syringes to diabetic needles and insulin pen needles, we offer supplies that can help. Ordering the top brands like BD, Monoject, or B. Braun has never been this easy or convenient.

Vitality Medical offers supplies for monitoring and maintaining blood sugar levels.

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Living with Diabetes

When you have diabetes, your doctor may suggest changes to your lifestyle. These changes may include exercising more, restricting carbohydrate intake, and taking insulin.


Syringe Options

Monoject 1 mL - When you need larger doses of insulin, this syringe might be a great addition to your supplies. It holds up to 100 units. Bold, easy-to-read markings indicate dosage levels at a glance. You can choose between 28, 29, or 30 gauge needles, which are permanently attached.

Safety-Lok Insulin Syringe
Safety-Lok Insulin Syringe

Lo-Dose BD U-100 - This syringe is small, giving you more control with ease of handling. It has a 50 mL capacity and is latex-free.

McKesson Insulin Syringe - You can detect flashbacks with this syringe, because of the needle, which is translucent. The plunger operation is smooth, helping make administration easy.

Bd SafetyGlide - A built-in shielding mechanism helps prevent accidental needle sticks. Slide the shield up over the needle after the injection to create a more secure experience.

BD 1 mL - A 100 unit capacity with bold markings make this syringe suitable for administering large doses of insulin.

Monoject 1 mL with a detachable needle - This is similar to the Monoject 1 mL, except that the needle comes off. Each needle comes lubricated to aide in comfort during injections.

Monoject Safety - A safety cap presses down into place over the needle after injections to help prevent accidental sticks.

Monoject Rigid Pack - Each syringe comes with a tri-beveled tip needle for better comfort. These syringes have a 100 unit capacity.

BD Magni-Guide - A magnification device that helps make the placement of needles easier.

Unifine Insulin Pentip Pen Needles - These needles fit all brands of reusable insulin pens.

BD 1 mL Safety Lock - These syringes have regular-thickness walls and beveled edges for their needles. This product meets the needs of most diabetics.

SafetyGlide Insulin Syringe
SafetyGlide Insulin Syringe

BD Ultra Fine III Pen Needles - This product comes with a paper tab and an inner shield that get color-coded - either blue or purple for easy identification.

BD Ultra Fine III Short Pen Needles - A Micro-bonded lubrication covers these needles to give users a more comfortable experience.

BD Ultra Fine Original Pen Needle - Needles engineered for optimal point geometry for ease of penetration. Each needle gets sterilized through exposure to cobalt radiation.

Site-Scrub IPA Device by Bard - The device contains 70% isopropyl alcohol to sterilize both extra- and intralumnal surfaces.

BD Insulin Syringe with Permanently Attached Needle - Wide unit spacing and a large flange make this syringe easy to use.

BD Insulin Syringe Only - The 1 mL barrel holds up to 100 units of insulin. Bold markings make it easy to see how much insulin there is in the dose.

Filterflow - This extension set has a small bore with a Luer-Lok that fastened securely to the pump tube and the injection tube.

B. Braun .2 Micron Filtered Extension Set - Featuring a CareSite injection site, this extension offers a needleless design.

B. Braun EasyPump Elastomeric Infusion Pum LT/ST - Get a continuous delivery of insulin of just the right volume.

B. Braun Small Bore Y-Extension Set - Features a female Luer connector, removable side clamp, and a distal male Luer connector.

Sol-Care Insulin Safety Syringe .5 mL - This device has a retractable syringe. Just push, pull, and then snap for easy disposal. The needle comes in either a 29 or 30 gauge.

Sol-Care Insulin Safety Syringe 1 mL - Featuring a retractable needle with a hand push, pull, snap for easy disposal. Needle sizes are 29 or 30 gauge.

B. Braun Filtered Extension Sets - Eliminates in-line air, connects using a Luer-Lock, and features a sliding clamp to control volume.

B. Braun Dual Function Luer Cap B. Braun Dual Function Luer Cap - Connecting the male and female caps of IV sets is easy using this handy device. Protects medicines and solutions from leaking or curing that are not in current use.

BD Insulin Pen Needle
BD Inslulin Pen Needle

Kendall Needleless Connector Neutral Displacement Valve - Made for connecting IV infusion sets or devices to an IV line that is already in place.

Magellan Insulin Safety Syringe with a Permanent Needle - It comes with bold graduations, a bevel orientation, and a single-handed safety activation to minimize technique change.

Lo-Dose Insulin Syringe 26026 - Features include reduced dead space that lowers insulin waste, a smooth plunger, and an auto ground needle for enhanced comfort.

Hospira Clave Port Male Adapter - This closed connector gives easy access to a catheter using a Luer-Lok connection. Needles not required.

Takeaway Recovery System Sharps Collector - Safely store your used sharps in this approved container. Protect yourself and those around you from accident sticks with spent needles.

NeedleBay Pharma Supply Insulin Injection System - Now you can inject and track your doses of insulin the easy way. See when the last dose got administered.

NeedleBay Pharma Supply Color - You can store all of your diabetic supplies in one convenient, easy-to-carry container that fits into your pocket.

MedLine Insulin Safety Syringes - Bold gradations, easy-slide plunger, and an easy-to-activate safety feature make this syringe very user friendly. A safety shield allows for both hands to remain behind the needle tip while operating the safety sheath.


Can I Reuse My Needles on Myself?

BD Insulin Syringe
BD Insulin Syringe

Manufacturers advise against this practice. That is because the tip of the needle may become weakened during the first use. Using it a second time runs the risk of having the tip break off under your skin or causing other damage. Also If your pen is a 'disposable' pen, you cannot. When you have a reusable pen, you will need to change needles before each use, as needles are single-use only.


Do I Need a Prescription?

Most states do not require a prescription to buy insulin syringes with needles or pens, but some do, and others limit the number you can buy without a prescription. Please check your local laws. If you purchase in a location where a prescription is required, we will verify your prescription before shipping your order.


How Long Does Insulin Last?

Most insulin stays good until the date of expiration, usually about one year after the date of purchase, if it is properly stored. Once opened, vials will keep for up to twenty-eight days. After that, you should throw them away. Once used, pens are good for seven to twenty-eight days, depending on the pen.


Can I Buy My Supplies Online?

We have pens, needles, and insulin syringes for sale. When you buy from Vitality Medical, we ship your supplies to your door (or anywhere else you want them delivered), so you do not need to drive to your local pharmacy to get them. Talk about convenience.

Insulin Syringes for diabetic insulin injections. Vitality Medical carries Insulin Safety Syringes, Sterile Insulin Syringes, and Lo Dose Insulin Syringes at online wholesale prices.

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