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Updated: February 7, 2023


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Best Toilet Seat Risers Comparison Side-by-Side

Raised toilet seats go by many names, including toilet booster seats, elevated toilet seats, or raised toilets. They look a bit odd to most people. Some might think that they are looking at a pregnant commode. These medical toilet seats support users who have a disability affecting their lower limbs. Their mobility impairment may only be temporary, such as someone recovering from an injury or surgery. The disability may be more long-term, such as aging or arthritis. Sometimes it may be more severe like Buerger's disease, claudication, spastic paraplegia, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, lumbar spinal stenosis, or a host of other illnesses that affect mobility. They are also often used by wheelchair users as a long-term solution to safely transition from their wheelchair onto the stool and back again.

Toilet seat risers reduce the stress associated with sitting down and getting back up when toileting. The devices fit on a standard toilet, allowing for selftoileting. Increasing the height of the commode can mean the difference between someone requiring caregiver assistance or remaining independent. A study of caregivers that assist aging seniors found that assisting with toileting was a difficult and frequent event.1 A high toilet seat makes the transition on and off the toilet much more manageable and allows user more independence and less dependence upon caregivers. These raised toilets not only make things easier for the user, but they also make transitions safer.

At some point in our lives, we will likely need one of these devices to assist us. How does someone know which one to select? Nine factors are helpful in choosing the right toilet riser--a list of these factors display below.


Product Selection Criteria

  • Duration – How long will the device be essential for mobility?
  • Stability – How much support and safety does the device provide?
  • Discreet – How noticeable is the altered toilet to guests?
  • Height - How much height is necessary?
  • Armrest Support – Will using the upper body (arms and hands) be necessary to support transitions to and from the toilet?
  • Installation – How long does installation take, and what is the difficulty level?
  • Portability – Will the device need to be portable or frequently removed to allow others to use the toilet?
  • Maintenance – How easy will it be to clean and maintain the device?
  • Weight Capacity – How much weight can the device support?


Top Toilet Seat Riser Brands

  1. Carex
  2. Nova
  3. Medline
  4. Essential Medical
  5. Kohler
  6. Lumex
  7. Aquasense
  8. HealthSmart
  9. ProBasics
  10. Rubbermaid

Top Toilet Seat Riser Brand Logos


An excellent place to start in the selection process is to examine the best-selling models. Below is a summary of the best toilet risers for sale. They are each a little different than the others. Some attach to the toilet only for temporary use, while others are a permanent installation for long-term service. Each summary below includes the device's pros and cons to help the reader determine the best solution for them. A rank order list of the toilet risers displays below with a comparison chart near the bottom.





#1 Toilevator - (TV300, TVG350)


The best elevated toilet seat and the best selling is the Toilevator. This device rasies the entire toilet system from the floor for the most sturdy and safe option available without having to purchase a lift. It increases the toilet height at the base, not the seat. Users can continue to enjoy the use of their standard seat and lid. Guests are not likely to notice the difference in the toilet like they can with the other options. This device comes with all the parts and hardware to raise your toilet to a comfortable and safe height. There is also a Toilevator Grande model for larger base toilets.


  • Very sturdy base type device
  • One of the safest options available
  • Offers a long-term care solution
  • Boosts the toilet height by 3.5 inches
  • If needed, additional height is possible by adding a seat riser
  • More sanitary solution
  • Offers better hygienics
  • Better blending with the bathroom décor than the other options
  • Less noticeable to guests
  • Users sit on their actual toilet seat that they customarily sit upon
  • Compatible for wheelchair users
  • Fits both round and elongated models
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • 1-year warranty


  • Lengthy installation time
  • Requires heavy lifting to install
  • Not a portable option




#2 Carex Raised Toilet Seat - (B302-C0)

Carex B302-C0

The best raised toilet seat is the Carex B302-CO. This model is the low price leader. It offers a contoured seat that rests on top of the bowl. The rounded shape is wide to provide greater comfort for the user. The seat adds 5-inches in height above the bowl. Rubber pads fixed to the underside are slip-resistant to help provide stability. The device is lightweight and is easy to lift to clean. This best-selling Carex product supports up to 300 pounds and is an excellent choice for temporary service.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Slip-resistant padding
  • Highly portable
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Low price


  • Not very stable for some users
  • Less safe than many other models that lock, latch, or bolt-on
  • Temporary service



#3 Drive Toilet Seat Riser with Removable Arms - (12402, 12403)

Drive 12402

This lightweight device attaches to any bathroom in the house. Its construction utilizes sturdy molded plastic with tubular aluminum armrests that also serve as grab bars. The system bolts onto existing toilets. The armrests come with padded arms for a comfortable experience and attach and detach without tools. Just snap them into place. The manufacturer, Drive Medical, offers a limited lifetime warranty for this device.


  • Offers semi-permanent solution
  • Offers 3.5-inches of height
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes detachable, padded armrests
  • Bolts onto existing toilet
  • Uses existing seat and lid
  • Comes in two options—standard or elongated
  • Durable construction
  • Capacity of 300 pounds
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not as stable or safe as the base devices
  • Not considered portable
  • Does not blend well with existing bathroom decor



#4 Medline Raised Toilet Seat - (G30250H)

Medline G30250H Toilet Seat Riser

This economy model is easy to install and does not require any tools. It employs nonslip pads inside the lip of the plastic mold for stability on the bowl. It quickly lifts off of the bowl for cleaning and fits most standard toilets. This device supports up to 250 pounds.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy setup and removal
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers good temporary service
  • Provides 5-inches of height
  • Weighs only 4-pounds


  • Not a discreet design
  • No grab handles or armrests
  • Not very stable



#5 Carex EZ Lock Raised Toilet Seat - (B30400)

Carex EZ Lock B30400

The EZ Lock is a locking toilet seat that fixes to the bowl. It is lightweight and easy to unlock to transfer to another toilet. It adds five inches in height and supports up to 300 pounds. The molded plastic seat is durable and smooth and contours for user comfort. The EZ Lock /ez-lock-raised-toilet-seat.html is also available with adjustable arms. The addition of the armrests provides more stability to the user when lowering or rising from the seat. The padded armrests offer a soft and comfortable grip.


  • Smooth, contoured seat
  • Attached hand grips
  • Padded armrests for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Adds 5-inches of height
  • Easy installation
  • Locking feature adds stability
  • Offers good medium-term service


  • Difficult to clean
  • Less portable



#6 Medway Easy Toilet Riser – (TRK14.2, TRK19.4, TRK14.4, TRK19.4)

Medway Easy TRK14.4

The Medway Easy is a raised base system. It uses the existing toilet system but elevates it at the base instead of at the top of the bowl. It is a discreet design that blends effortlessly with the existing bathroom décor. It provides 2 to 4-inches of rise to reduce the stress of sitting down or getting up. This device supports up to 800-pounds, the highest of the top eleven products. The Medway Easy is available in standard or XL sizes to accommodate larger-based toilets.


  • Unobtrusive design
  • Two height options
  • Two size options
  • Safer anchored system
  • Easier to maintain
  • More discreet
  • Reduces sway
  • More stable
  • Comes in neutral white and can be painted
  • Install and forget
  • Supports user independence
  • Weight capacity of 800 pounds


  • Longer installation time
  • Requires heavy lifting to install
  • Not a portable option



#7 Carex Toilet Seat Elevator - (B30600, B30700)

Carex B30600

The Elevator from Carex is an elevated toilet seat that comes in two versions—standard and elongated. There is also an option for an Elevator with Handles. It bolts onto an existing bowl to offer 3.5 inches of additional height. Its durable construction is with molded polyethylene plastic that sits on top of the bowl. The Carex Elevator installs with a screwdriver and accommodates the original seat. Its lightweight design supports up to 300 pounds.


  • Lightweight, less than 3 pounds
  • Durable
  • Bolt-on stability
  • Capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Uses existing seat and lid
  • Medium-term product


  • Installation requires tools and time
  • Difficult to clean



#8 Maddak Extra-Wide Tall-Ette - (F725881000, F725882000, F725891000)

Maddak Extra-Wide Tall-Ette


The Tall-Ette is a support frame with an attached toilet seat. Similar to a bedside commode without the pail, this support frame is durable and strong. It comes in three options—no support legs, steel support legs, and aluminum legs. Users can select from a temporary option up to a permanent bolt-on version. The Tall-Ette version with steel legs can support up to 600 pounds making it suitable for bariatric use.


  • Freestanding
  • Available in 3-options—steel legs, aluminum legs, or no legs
  • Durable
  • Offers stable support
  • Adjustable height
  • Extra-wide
  • Adaptable to individual needs
  • Rubberized feet to protect the floor and prevent slipping
  • Capacity of 400 pounds (aluminum legs) or 600 pounds (steel legs)
  • Supports bariatric users
  • Armrest support
  • Foam covered arms offer soft gripping support
  • Lightweight at 10 pounds
  • Adapts to temporary or permanent installation with bracket
  • Comes with bolt-down Lok-In-El Bracket for extra sturdiness
  • Easy to remove and relocate


  • Bracket attachment option takes more installation time but adds more stability
  • Challenging to clean when attached to the bowl.



#9 Medline Elevated Toilet Seat - (MDS803318RH)

Medline MDS803318RH

This booster seat attaches quickly to raise the sitting surface by 4.5 inches. It is durable with plastic molded construction that is latex-free. It places on top of the original seat and does not require removing the original seat or lid. This bathroom safety device supports up to 300 pounds and is an excellent option for those who need temporary aid while recovering from surgery or an injury. The Medline Elevator comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable construction
  • Quick installation
  • Easy removal
  • Low cost


  • Not as stable as many of the other devices in this comparison
  • Temporary solution only



#10 Carex Safe Lock Raised Toilet Seat - (B31300)

Carex Safe Lock B31300

The Safe Lock adds 4.25 inches of height to a toilet. It comes with an attached locking device for a secure setup. It locks and unlocks in only seconds to allow the speedy portability of this device between toilets. The wide opening to the bowl and the contoured seating surface provides additional comfort. It fits most standard toilets and offers easy cleaning.


  • Safe Lock system provides stability and safety
  • Extra-wide seat adds comfort
  • Locks in place with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Supports up to 500 pounds


  • Not discreet
  • Requires a tool for installation and removal



#11 EZ-Access Tilt Toilet Incline Lift Seat - (TILT SMDCES, TILT SMDCSS, TILT SMES, TILT SMSS)


The EZ-Access system supports users with significant mobility loss. This premier bathroom product offers superior service and better support than the other models in the top 11. It is more sturdy and safe. The EZ-Access is a powered lift that gently lowers the user from a standing position to a sitting position. When done, the user activates a power button to gently rise back to an upright position. It serves users with less mobility than the other devices mentioned in this comparison. Users with acute diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, inflammatory muscle disease, or severe arthritis that make them unable to use any other device often find that this lift system meets their needs. The EZ-Access Tilt offers a 2-year warranty.


  • The most sturdy and safe option
  • Available in standard or elongated
  • Battery or AC power options
  • Restores user independence
  • The safest option of the top 11
  • Lifts the user to a standing position
  • Gradually takes the user from standing to sitting
  • Provides the least stress to the user
  • Supports natural body movement
  • Strong and dependable lift
  • Touch button hand pendant
  • Desk-style arm support available
  • Removable plastic shield for cleaning
  • Installs in as little as 15-minutes
  • 2-year warranty


  • Requires clearance on both sides of the bowl
  • Requires more effort to install
  • Most expensive option
  • AC power models subject to power blackouts
  • Batter power models only support 20-lifts between re-charges



Some steps outlined below may be helpful to narrow down the selection to two or three options. Then, check the comparison chart below to match your needs to the best product that meets your needs.

  1. Determine if the need is temporary or long-term.
  2. Determine if adjusting the height will be sufficient to solve the mobility problem.
  3. Determine if you can install the device yourself or will help be necessary.
  4. Determine if others will need to use the same toilet and if the device will need removal frequently.
  5. Determine how much height is necessary. If more than 5 inches, a combination of two devices may be necessary (base and seat risers).



Top Raised Toilet Seat Riser Comparison Chart

Rank Devices Duration Stability Discreet Height (inch) Armrest Support Installation Portable Maintenance Weight Capacity (pounds)
#1 Toilevator Permanent Very High Yes 3.5 None Base No None to Easy 500
#2 Carex Raised Seat Temporary Low No 5 None Topper Yes Easy 300
#3 Drive Seat Riser Semi-Permanent Good No 3.5 Removable Bolt-on Semi Difficult 300
#4 Medline Economy Seat Temporary Low No 5 None Topper Yes Easy 250
#5 Carex EZ Lock Semi-Permanent Good No 5 Optional Easy Semi Difficult 300
#6 Medway Easy Riser Permanent Very High Yes 2 or 4 None Base No None to Easy 800
#7 Carex Elevator Seat Semi-Permanent Good No 3.5 Optional Bolt-on Semi Difficult 300
#8 Maddak Tall-Ette Temp or Permanent High No Adjustable Yes Freestanding Yes Easy 600
#9 Medline Elevated Seat Temporary Low No 4.5 None Topper Yes Easy 300
#10 Carex Safe Lock Semi-Permanent Good No 4.25 None Locking Semi Difficult 500
#11 EZ Access Lift Semi-Permanent Very High No Adjustable Handles Bolt-on Semi Difficult 325



As shown in the toilet seat riser comparison chart above, two models offer permanent solutions—Toilevator and the Medway Easy Riser. These two models are very stable but take the most time and difficulty to install. Four models provide a semi-permanent remedy in that they attach to the bowl to provide increased stability. Two devices offer adjustable height. The first is the Maddak Tall-Ette, a freestanding solution that offers easy cleaning and portability. The other is the EZ Access Lift, the only powered option that provides the most support and stability for users transitioning between standing to sitting and vice-a-versa. The best bariatric toilet seat riser is the Medway, offering 800 pounds of capacity.

There are several good elevated toilet seat choices available to meet individual needs, whether temporary or permanent. For better stability, the tradeoff is less portable. For the best discreet options, the tradeoff is the problematic installation and decreased portability. The discreet options, however, also offer the lowest maintenance and easiest cleaning.



Product Videos

Carex Hinged Raised Toilet Seating Video (0:35 minutes)

Medway Easy Toilet Riser Video (3:18 minutes)

EZ-Access Lift Overview Video (3:14 minutes)

EZ-Access Toilet Lift Installation Video (4:19 minutes)