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Medway Easy Toilet Riser - Standard & Biggie XL

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Product Highlights

  • Unobtrusive design to blend with bathroom decor
  • Permanent installation with no moving parts
  • Sanitary and easy to clean over a traditional toilet seat riser
  • Provides a 2- or 4-inch lift
  • Lift takes stress off the knees
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TRK14.2 Medway Easy Toilet Riser

2-Inch STANDARD Toilet Riser Kit - Each


TRK19.2 Medway Easy Toilet Riser

2-Inch Biggie XL ADJUSTABLE Toilet Riser Kit - Each


TRK14.4 Medway Easy Toilet Riser

4-Inch Standard Toilet Riser Kit - Each


TRK19.4 Medway Easy Toilet Riser

4-Inch Biggie XL ADJUSTABLE Toilet Riser Kit - Each



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Medway Standard Easy Toilet Riser Kit is a newly styled version of a raised toilet seat that helps homeowners raise their seat from the base rather than raising the toilet seat itself. The result is a much cleaner, more efficient, and overall more helpful toilet riser that helps customers get to their feet in a matter of seconds.

Medway's Easy Toilet Riser lifts the toilet two or four inches. This lift riser makes it safe and easy for users with limited mobility to comfortably sit down or transfer to and from the seat to a wheelchair. It's designed with a longer and wider riser base making the toilet very stable than a hinged toilet seat riser that only raises the toilet seat. Thanks to the risers' anchored setup, patients won't have to worry about a swaying toilet riser due to loose anchors or brackets; patients can relax knowing the riser base will remain in place at all times.

In addition to being safe and well-anchored with no moving parts, the Medway Toilet Riser is also much cleaner to use than a typical seat riser as the riser only comes into contact with the floor. This means minimal chance of having to clean up after a mess, resulting in a more sanitary overall environment for yourself and others. With the riser being used at the base, it's much easier to maintain as well. Also, even though it raises the toilet seat either two or four inches, the Easy Toilet Riser is very discreet. Matching nearly any standard toilet color, you'll hardly realize the riser is there until you have to use the toilet. This makes matching the rest of the decor a simple task.

What's in the Box


  • Standard or Biggie XL Riser Unit
  • Six-Inch Bolts (2)
  • Washers (2)
  • Nuts (2)
  • Extended Water Pipe
  • Instruction Manual
Medway Riser Components

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the riser fit an elongated toilet bowl?

The 14- or 19-inch riser will cover most toilets. To know which size, measure the bolts to the front of the base. If that measurement is 14 inches or less, select the 14-inch riser. If the measurement is greater than 14 inches but less than 19 inches, select the 19-inch riser. Some elongated toilets have a longer base, so it is important to take these measurements to determine if the riser will fit the toilet base.

Does this riser need to be professionally installed?

The installation kit includes two wax rings, water supply line, bolts, and riser. Most can install it, but any handyman can install it if needed. Refer to the installation image above.

How does the toiler riser never leak?

If properly installed, the riser will never leak. It is made of molded PVC resin and it does not have plumbing joints that can fail. The cylinder within the riser goes directly to the waste line.

What if the riser doesn't fit?

Due to the sanitary nature of the riser, it is a non-returnable item. However, if it is defective, it can be replaced.

What color is the riser and can it be painted?

The riser is a neutral white. Yes, it can be painted. Consult with a professional to get recommendations to paint the riser, if desired.

Features and Benefits

  • Cleaner and More Efficient Than a Seat Riser
  • More Discreet Setup Than Traditional Seat Risers
  • Allows for Faster Get Up Times After Usage
  • Attached to the Floor; Minimal Seat Sway
  • Floor-Anchored Seat Means It's Sanitary
  • Color-Matching Base for a Cleaner Look
  • No Worries About Cleaning After a Mess
  • Two- or 4-Inch Riser Ideal for Wheelchair Transfers
  • Wider Base for Better Overall Support
  • Installs in Less Than One Hour

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Medway
  • Product Numbers: TRK14.2, TRK14.4, TRK19.2, TRK19.4
  • Standard: Adjustable Option for Up to 14-Inch Base From Center Bolt
  • Biggie XL: Adjustable Option for 14- to 19-Inch Base From Center Bolt
  • Usage: Bathroom Safety
  • Weight Capacity: 800 Pounds
  • Application: Toilet Riser

Product Videos


How to Prepare to Install the Medway Toilet Riser Video (2:10 minutes)



Video: Easy Toilet Seat Riser Guarantee (1.31 Min)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Medway Corporation

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