Bathroom Safety Accessories for Handicap and Seniors

It's common for those with limited mobility to need handicapped bathroom accessories to ensure their safety. That is why bath aids for seniors and the elderly are helpful for those who may need assistance with sitting on the toilet, transferring to a shower chair, or just need some added stability while getting in and out of the bathtub. Because falling in the bathroom is a potential danger for many, bathroom safety equipment for seniors or the elderly is designed to promote safety in the bathroom. Vitality Medical provides a large assortment of toilet aids for disabled, including grab bars, lifting cushions commode safety products, shower chairs and bath transfer benches. The handicap bathroom equipment that we carry includes Shower Commodes, Toilet Safety Frames and Commode Chairs. Order your bath assistance products for mobility today at

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Bathroom Safety Products and Patient Applications

  • Commode Use: Having a portable toilet for those who cannot mobilize themselves to the bathroom, sitting down at a higher angle with a raised toilet seat, and having a transport method with the ability to use the toilet in a commode wheelchair.
  • Grab Bar Use: To place in the shower to assist getting in and out of the basin, to place near the toilet to help lower and lift oneself, to fix a straight bar to the ceiling near a chair or couch so one can lower or lift themselves with better ease, and to fix to a bath tub side as a means of entering the bath basin easier.
  • Lifting Cushion Use: Unfortunately, falls are common, but with proper safety accessories, such as the Manager Camel Lift, you can help those who have fallen and require assistance without stain and with ease.

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