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Bariatric Heavy Duty Bathroom Equipment

Bariatric Bathroom Assist Products are designed to accommodate additional weight with durable construction. Our heavy-duty bathroom assistance products are made extra-wide and use sturdy steel to provide stable support. Our shower chairs are also designed extra-wide and some models can accommodate over 500 lbs. The shower chairs are also specially designed. Each shower chair uses drainage holes to prevent accidental slipping. For more products to help in the bathroom, take a look at our bariatric heavy-duty bathroom equipment page.

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Bariatric Products Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Heavy-Duty Design

Heavy duty bathroom equipment is uniquely heavy-duty. These products are designed to provide structural reliability for a wide range of patients or individuals at home. These products often use hand rails and cross-beam designs to add safety and support to the mix. With sturdy plastic and metal materials, these products are built to last.

Wider for More Comfort

Bariatric bath safety products have a wider set design for optimal comfort. This design helps users get in and out of the seat while providing additional support and weight capacity. This wider set design is present in many bariatric products, including Drive Medical's Deep Seat Commode, Merits' Bariatric Bath Bench, and even a Heavy Duty Foot Stool.

Sturdy Components

Heavy duty bathroom safety products are made extra-wide and use strong materials to provide stable support and an exceptional weight capacity. These products often use sturdy steel and durable plastic with reinforced materials. This built-to-last frame is often met with reliable slip resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are bariatric bathroom products?

A: Bariatric bathroom equipment is designed for a wider range of users. These products tend to have a higher maximum weight capacity and a wider set design. On top of that, these products are designed to be sturdy and resilient for safe and effective use.

Q: Who should use bariatric bathroom equipment?

A: A person classified as having obesity may be referred to as a bariatric patient if they have a body mass index (BMI) that is equal to or greater than 30. Because BMI is used to measure weight in relation to height, there are a wide range of individuals that may fall into this category.

Q: What makes a bariatric commode heavy duty?

A: On top of providing a wider sitting area and an exceptional weight capacity, bariatric commodes and other bariatric products often use reinforced materials and strong metals and plastics. This additional support is essential in providing a strong and sturdy product.

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