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Toilet Aids, Safety Equipment and Accessories

Handicap toilet accessories offer support for disabled users. If you experience limited mobility, toilet assistance devices, such as raised seats, bariatric seats and rehab shower commodes are ideal for those with a wide range of disabilities. Use bariatric seats to create a larger, stronger place to sit on an existing toilet. The design of bariatric seats support weights up to 1200 lbs. The design of raised seats reduce the amount of distance that a person needs to bend or stoop to sit on the toilet. Many of the toilet aids for disabled individuals feature support arms for stability, but if the raised toilet you choose does not come with arms, consider using it with a toilet safety frame. These safety frames give the user something to grab onto while transitioning between sitting and standing. Vitality Medical offers a full line of handicap toilet accessories and toilet aids for seniors & disabled including commodes, bariatric seats, raised seats, shower commodes and toilet seat safety frames.

When getting to the bathroom is not feasible, consider using a bedside commode. Commode Chairs are a portable and come in several styles with different functionality. For example, drop-Arm commodes are ideal for transferring and bariatric commodes are toilet safety equipment best for individuals over 250 lbs. Shower Commode chairs are designed to be used in the shower and often feature wheels, so they can assist in transferring individuals from the bed or wheelchair to the shower.

Patient Applications for Toilet Safety Equipment

  • Use bariatric toilet seats for adding support to your existing seat.
  • Use raised toilet seats for adding height to an existing commode, reducing the distance a person needs to bend down, and reducing the risk of falling.
  • Use commode chairs for a bedside solution when the person has limited mobility or cannot easily use a standard toilet.
  • Use shower commodes for an all in one solution for those with limited mobility.
  • Use toilet safety frames for adding stability such as grab bars and guide rails in one convenient product.

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