Top 12 One and Two Piece Best Ostomy Pouches in 2023



Date: January 3, 2022



Top Best Ostomy Bags FOR SALE



Top Best Ostomy Pouch Systems

It can be tricky and even intimidating to purchase ostomy products. Figuring out the best pouching system may be simple, or it may take some trial and error. There are factors to consider when choosing a one-piece or two-piece bag system, - such as the peristomal skin condition and the stoma output. Each stoma is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. This article examines the different types of ostomy bags and some of the top-selling ostomy pouches by category.


One-Piece or Two-Piece Pouch System

A one-piece system is typical when the stoma has low or predictable output. Since it's an all-inclusive bag with a wafer, it's applied and removed in one piece. Low stoma output means fewer appliance changes, which reduces trauma to fragile skin. This complete construction simplifies application while creating a lower profile of the body to be discreet as possible. It also allows for freedom of movement to work well during exercise.

If the ostomy user compromises their peristomal skin, a two-piece system is often the best choice. The separate flange stays in place so that the stoma site doesn't get irritated or cause skin problems. Using a two-piece may reduce the cost of ostomy care because it reduces the amount of ostomy paste, ointments, and creams needed.


Closed-End or Drainable Pouch

Additionally, there are two pouch options to explore: closed-end and drainable. It may add to the number of selections, but it is easy to determine which bag is best suited. A closed-end pouch is just that -- it is closed and disposed of after use, whereas a drainable pouch is emptied and reusable. A drainable version also affords less frequent pouch changes but is only suitable when the stoma output is liquid consistency to accommodate easy drainage.



  What Are the Best 1-Piece Ostomy Bags?

Below is a list of the Top 3 One-Piece Ostomy Systems with closed-end and drainable options that are arranged in rank order. These ostomy bag products are the most sought-after within the category. An included summary for these top sellers provides top features and useful links to make the selection as easy as possible.


Top-Selling One-Piece Closed Bags


#1   Securi-T One-Piece Pouch With Filter

This closed-end pouch system is available in opaque as well as transparent for when the user needs to view content level. The Securi-T USA brand by Hollister is a top-seller for two reasons -- the customized wafer and the pouch's discreet features. The cut-to-fit wafer template helps shape around irregular stomas and stomas that are still healing. The filters prevent uncomfortable situations, such as unpleasant odors or pouch ballooning. The internal filter controls gas buildup to keep the pouch as flat as possible. Since it's disposed of, it's nice to know it's an environmentally safe material. The bag is also light, skin-friendly, and comfortable against the skin.


Top Features

  • Controls Gas Buildup To Keep Pouch Flat
  • Filter Cover Controls Odor
  • Transparent or Opaque Pouch Colors
  • Cut-To-Fit To Customize to the Stoma
  • 8-Inch Pouch Size
  • Environmentally Safe Disposable Material
  • Quiet Material

Securi-T One-Piece Closed-End Pouch




#2   Hollister Premier One-Piece Pouch

This ostomy pouch is available in beige and transparent with a specialized wafer. The SoftFlex barrier makes changes as gentle as possible to the peristomal skin. Additional care is placed on its ComfortWear outer panels so that it's gentle on the skin. The beige pouch has two-sided comfort panels and the transparent pouch has only the skin side to not impede the view into the bag. Both color options have rustle-free film material to not draw attention to it during movement. Its odor barrier adds another level of discretion as it slowly deodorizes gas./p>


Top Features

  • AF300 Deodorization Filter Slowly Releases Gas
  • Velvety ComfortWear Pouch Panels
  • Pre-Sized and Cut-To-Fit Barrier Options
  • Latex-Free, Skin-Friendly Material
  • SoftFlex Barrier Construction Creates Gentle Removal

Hollister Premier One-Piece Closed-End Pouch




#3   Hollister Series Pouch with Belt Tabs

This one-piece ostomy appliance supports the user's movement with a comfort wear panel and rustle-free film, making wearing the pouch more discreet and secure with a belt. The wafer barrier features pre-cut and cut-to-fit openings to accommodate a variety of stoma shapes and sizes.


Top Features

  • Convexity With Skin Barrier
  • Comfort Wear Panel Makes Movement Quiet
  • Barrier Controls Odor
  • Pre-Cut and Cut-to-Fit Barrier Options

Coloplast SenSurea One-Piece Closed-End Pouch





Top-Selling One-Piece Drainable Bags


#1   ConvaTec ActiveLife Drainable Pouch


This drainable system is appropriately named ActiveLife to work with individuals who are on the move. It combines the ease of a one-piece with a cut-to-fit barrier to accommodate a range of stoma sizes. The drainable end is confidently clamped with a tail closure to make the access and draining a snap. The 12-inch pouch size helps with high output and its transparency keeps contents at a glance. Another highlight is its Stomahesive Skin Barrier with a tape collar that adheres to dry and moist skin.


Top Features

  • Stomahesive Skin Barrier
  • Transparent Bag
  • Tail Clamp Bag Closure
  • Comfort Panel
  • Large, 12-Inch Pouch Size
  • Customized Cut-To-Fit Barrier

ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Drainable Pouch




#2   Coloplast SenSura One-Piece Drainable Pouch


The EasiClose extra-wide outlet makes this drainable pouch easy to empty. The bottom outlet is folded and secured with a hook-and-loop closure system. SenSura comes with two barrier options: a flat barrier or a Convex Light barrier to work with abnormal stoma shapes. Its backing contains a double-layer adhesive that keeps skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture to prevent skin breakdown and irritation.


Top Features

  • Transparent and Opaque Colors
  • EasiClose Wide Outlet for Easier Draining
  • Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Comfort Panel
  • Maxi Pouch Size
  • Pre-Cut and Cut-To-Fit Barrier
  • Double-Layer of Adhesive Absorbs Moisture

Coloplast SenSura One-Piece Drainable Pouch




#3   Securi-T One-Piece Drainable Pouch


This 12-inch drainable option from Hollister includes a curved tail closure. The bag is transparent with cut-to-fit or pre-cut stoma openings. The popular pre-cut barrier option features a convex extended- wear barrier that gives the appliance longer wear-time.


Top Features

  • Transparent Pouch Aids Viewing
  • Cruved Tail Closure
  • Extended Wear Barrier Options
  • Maxi 12-Inch Pouch Size
  • Pre-Cut and Cut-To-Fit Barrier
  • Flat and Convex Barrier Options
  • Builtin Belt Tabs

Securi-T USA One-Piece Drainable Pouch





  What Are the Best 2-Piece Ostomy Bags?

Below is a complete list of top-selling two-piece ostomy bags for closed-end and drainable options. The two-piece bag requires a compatible barrier to complete the system. Find the detailed summary below to choose the ostomy system that works best.


Top-Selling Two-Piece Closed Bags



#1   Hollister New Image Closed Pouch


This two-piece anatomically shaped pouch supports comfortable placement on the abdomen. It features cloth-like QuietWear material that is soft and minimizes noise during movement. The bag's opening size corresponds with a color-match flange that makes selection easy. The AF300 filter technology adds another layer of discreet wearing. It effectively deodorizes and releases gas to prevent ballooning. A bonus is it comes with built-in belt tabs that help keep the bag in place.


Top Features

  • Filtration System Deodorizes and Slowly Releases Gas Tto Keep Pouch Flat
  • Beige, Anatomical-Shaped Pouch
  • Easy Color Match System To Select Flange
  • 9-Inch Pouch Size
  • Discreet QuietWear Material

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Closed-End Pouch




#2   Coloplast SenSura Mio Click Closed Pouch


This pouch by Coloplast features a newly designed click coupling that presents an audible click when the flange locks into place. This sound adds confidence that both pieces are confidently connected. Coloplast uses a color system guide to select the corresponding barrier options to complete the two-piece system.


Top Features

  • Audible Click When Barrier Is Connected Properly
  • Soft Textile Pouch
  • Midi or Maxi Pouch Sizes
  • Opaque Bag With Inspection Window
  • Long-Lasting Filter Controls Gas
  • Color-Coded System To Select Barrier

Coloplast SenSura Mio Click Closed Pouch




#3   Securi-T Closed Pouch System


The Securi-T USA flange has adhesive staying power and can remain in place for up to four days. The three flange sizes use a corresponding number that matches with the pouch, with a choice of having a filter. The filtered ostomy pouch includes an additional filter for odor containment.


Top Features

  • Opaque Bag With Filter Options
  • Bag Connects With Three Flange Options
  • Bag Changes Are Quick and Easy
  • Its Corresponding Numbered Flange Has Staying Power To Protect Skin
  • Mid-Size 8-Inch Pouch Length

Hollister Securi-T Two-Piece Closed-End Pouch





Top-Selling Two-Piece Drainable Bags


#1   Hollister New Image Drainable Pouch With Lock n' Roll Closure


When using a drainable pouch, ostomy users want to have confidence in its closure. This Rock 'n Roll microseal closure is an interlocking fastening system that does just that. Other features include ComfortWear panels on both sides of the pouch. The Hollister filtration system keeps odors at bay and ensures the bag stays flat.


Top Features

  • Opaque Beige and Transparent Bag Colors
  • Secure Rock 'n Roll Microseal Closure
  • AF300 Slow Release Filtration System
  • Belt Tabs
  • 12-Inch Pouch
  • Two-Piece Works With New Image Barriers

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Drainable Pouch




#2   Coloplast New Generation Drainable Pouch


The EasiClose extra-wide outlet makes this drainable end wider than the standard drainable pouch. The bottom outlet is folded and secured with a hook- and- loop closure system. The drainable pouch has pre-cut or cut-to-fit barriers with click technology to validate the connection. Choose from standard flat barriers or the Convex Light barrier if the stoma isn’t uniform in shape. The backing’s double-layer adhesive absorbs excess moisture to keep the skin healthy.


Top Features

  • Opaque Bag With Color-Coded System To Match Coupling
  • EasiClose Outlet With Hook-and-Loop Securement
  • Audible Click Signifies Barrier Is Secure
  • Pouch Contains a Three-Layer Filter
  • Filter Keeps Bag Discreet by Preventing Bulging
  • Barrier’s Backing Absorbs Moisture

Coloplast New Generation Two-Piece Drainable Pouch



#3   Hollister New Image High Output Drainable Pouch


Unlike the other options with an open drain collar, this New Image drainable bag features a soft tap drain to support higher output. The drain is made with soft material to ensure it is comfortable and won’t dig into the abdomen. Additional softness is on the backing. The ComfortWear Panel keeps the bag from rubbing and causing skin irritation.


Top Features

  • Transparent Pouch Aids Viewing
  • Designed for High Output
  • Soft Drain Spout for Easy Draining
  • Body-Side ComfortWear Panel
  • Maxi 12-Inch Pouch Size
  • Ultra-Clear Film Provides Exceptional Odor-Barrier
  • Color Match System Coordinates Barrier
  • Belt Tabs

Hollister New Image High Output Drainable Pouch





In Conclusion

The variety of ostomy appliances on the market are to lessen the burden placed on ostomy patients, but sifting through the products may be challenging. These one-piece and two-piece ostomy bags showcase the features that make them a top-seller so that you or a loved one can manage everyday life with confidence.