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Medical Diagnostic Equipment — Defibrillators, Pen Lights, Reflex Hammers, Tongue Depressors

Medical diagnostic equipment at Vitality Medical range from simple devices like weight scales and individual pulse oximeters, to more commercial style products like test kits defibrillators, otoscopes and surgeon's tools. Diagnostic products are made as a means to understand and gauge the body's health and vital signs. The data provided by these tools allow the individual or caregiver to properly assess the state of health and to better understand the body's condition. Vitality Medical carries a vast assortment of top branded products and tools for our customers to choose from. Vitality Medical is proud to provide quality diagnostic products as a valuable resource for our customers.

Top Diagnostic Products Brands

Medical Diagnostic Equipment Patient Application:

Use Scales for:

  • Getting the Weight Measurement to Assess BMI
  • Checking the Weight of Patient in a Clinic
  • Weighing Someone Sitting in a Wheelchair with a Wheelchair Scale
  • Weighing a Baby with a Infant Scale

Use Home Diagnostic Supplies for:

  • Measuring Heart Rate with a Pulse Oximeter
  • Measuring Body Temp with a Thermometer
  • Measuring Heart Rate with a Heart Rate Monitor

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