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Cervical & Vaginal Speculums

Vaginal Speculum, occasionally also referred to as a Cervical Speculum, are professional products used by healthcare workers to conduct medical exams. The end is shaped like a duck bill and is used to hold open the vagina walls for better visibility. They are most often used during a pelvic exam or PAP smear. Speculums often come in one of two different materials, steel and plastic. The Steel Speculum is reusable, requiring cleaning between each exam. However as this takes higher time and cost, many prefer to use a Plastic Speculum such as the KleenSpec 580 Series Premium Speculum. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination between patients, and saves both time and money required to sterilize the instrument.

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There are very few risks to using this device. Generally, the biggest risk is discomfort, usually caused by tense muscles. When using a speculum, be sure to pay attention to breathing and using relaxing techniques that work best for you. If it becomes painful, it might be a size too large and you will need a smaller device. Any other risks come from a speculum that isn’t sterile. Be sure to thoroughly clean and sterilize the device or use a Disposable Speculum.

Types of Speculums

There are four different types of speculums that can be used. They vary in the number of blades, length and width. This makes it easier to find the best option for the least amount if discomfort. Each of the following increase in size to optimize function during use, depending on the user. However, the last option is a type of speculum that helps medical professionals keep their hands free during surgery, but can be any of the other types.

  • Pediatric Speculum
  • Huffman Speculum
  • Pederson Speculum
  • Graves Speculum
  • Weighted Speculum
Vaginal Speculum Sizes

Sizing Factors

Vitality Medical has several cervical speculum for sale in different sizes. There are four main factors that determine what size is best to use of the above devices. One factor is age. Some are created smaller for children and infants. As women age, they have other experiences that also affect what size is best, such as sexual activity. For teenage girls or older women who have not been sexually active, the speculum will need to be smaller than a woman who has been sexually active.

Women who have borne children will need a larger size speculum. The more children the woman has, the more stretching occurs. The last factor that determines what size should be used is the anatomical differences of each woman. The length and width can vary as much as 8 and 2 centimeters, respectively. This can also be affected by if the woman has a cervix or not, as this can occasionally be removed for vaginal hysterectomies.

Vaginal Speculum Set


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