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Scales on Vitality Medical are brought to the consumer in a variety of different models and popular brands. Scales are among the most popular diagnostic product and are highly useful in both individual and professional healthcare settings. There is a wide variety of types on Vitality Medical, everything from traditional units used in a bathroom, to weighing a person in a wheelchair, BMI evaluators and beam and digital remote types. Vitality Medical also carries accessories like height rods, growth charts and carrying cases, just to name a few. Vitality Medical supplies dozens of brands as a valuable resource for everyday diagnostics.

Uses and Patient Applications

Use Digital types for:

  • Measuring Body Weight
  • Saving Weight Measurements to Later Compare Against
  • Setting Weight Goal Amounts with Certain Digital Scale Features
  • Measuring BMI
Use Beam types for:
  • Getting an Ultra Precise Weight Measurement
  • Having an Easy-to-Adjust Weight and Bar Selection that Will Stay True for Longer
Use Infant types for:
  • Measuring Body Weight of Newborns
  • Assessing Baby's Health by Measuring Growth
  • Using an Optional Length Measuring Device to Determine Height
  • Use in a Family Clinic to Provide Data for Parents in Determining a Baby's Health Needs

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