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Portable oxygen concentrators, commonly abbreviated as POCs, are relatively small medical devices that deliver concentrated oxygen to a patient. These devices function by taking ambient room air or the earth's atmosphere and filtering everything out except for oxygen. In more simplistic terms, POCs concentrate oxygen from the air around you. Depending upon a patient's respiratory needs, portable concentrators are available in two delivery methods, which satisfies the needs of people using oxygen therapy: pulse dose and continuous flow. To determine which portable oxygen concentrator will meet your specific needs, Vitality Medical suggests that you consult with your medical provider.

Pulse Dose Oxygen Machines

A pulse dose oxygen machine, also referred to as "on-demand therapy," intermittently administers a volume of oxygen measured in milliliters per breath (mL/breath). Pulse dose machines have the capability of reaching a setting of 6, which is not the same as 6 liters per minute (LPM). Most patients that require oxygen therapy during sleep do not use a pulse dose oxygen machine, as it may not detect breaths as well. However, that is not to say that it is impossible. We recommend that you confer with your medical provider about sleeping with these devices, as your practitioner will most likely have you do a sleep study to determine if it adequately delivers the necessary supplemental oxygen. An oxygen machine portable concentrator is, quite commonly, smaller than continuous flow generators; in fact, it is so small and light that most patients can easily transport one with a strap or handle. Please keep in mind, though, that pulse dose portable oxygen machines are also not compatible with CPAP or BiPAP machines; if you use either of those machines to treat sleep apnea, you will need to couple your sleep apnea device with a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator.

Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators, dissimilar to pulse dose machines, administer oxygen in liters per minute (LPM). Therapeutic range, for a continuous flow machine, usually varies between 1 and 3 liters per minute. Instead of delivering therapeutic oxygen per breath, as a pulse dose model performs, these models continuously, during inhalation and exhalation, administer oxygen. Generally speaking, a continuous flow model is significantly larger in size and weight, as it requires a larger pump and assembly to provide the continuity. Because these models tend to be larger, they generally come with a cart so you can "wheel" them around your environment. In addition to a wheeled cart, many of these concentrators also come with a retractable handle. A continuous flow portable concentrator is compatible with a CPAP or BiPAP machine. To couple the two devices together, simply give one of Vitality Medical's friendly and knowledgeable representatives a call, and they will instruct you as to what you need to do to successfully couple the two machines. Putting the nuances between continuous flow and pulse dose aside, more and more individuals are turning to either POC model because they are perfect for travel.

Choosing a Travel Oxygen Concentrator

Many patients believe that their quality of life is being constrained due to the necessity of oxygen therapy. However, portable concentrators is the solution to revitalize their quality of life. In fact, with portable oxygen generators, individuals can go out to dinner at restaurants, visit friends and family, enjoy vacations, even travel on airlines! The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, approves a wide variety of machines for use on board of commercial aircrafts. All travel oxygen concentrators, approved by the FAA, function by method of electricity, either from a battery, AC (alternating current) wall power supply, or DC (direct current) car power supply. POCs are multi-voltage, suggesting that these machines can be used anywhere in the world. Once abroad, all you need to do to resume operation is combine your oxygen machine with an international travel adapter (so that your plug will fit into the appropriate electrical socket). Please note, a power inverter should never be coupled with a portable O2 concentrator.

There are some stipulations that the FAA requires that you comply with in order to fly with your portable machine: battery time and a prescription stating a medical necessity. Battery time is a crucial component when using your oxygen therapy device on a flight. Each airline has their own regulations concerning the use of a travel oxygen concentrator during flight. To be absolutely certain of your flight's regulations, please contact the airline you are flying with and ask them their policies regarding POCs. However, as a general rule of thumb, most commercial airlines require that patients have 150% of battery life to equal the time of flight. For example, if your flight is 2 hours long, you will need, at the bare minimum, 3 hours of battery life. Depending upon your flight time, you may need to purchase additional batteries to meet your airline's policies and regulations. Once on flight, most of the machines that the FAA approves of will easily fit underneath the seat in front of you or the overhead bin.

Although oxygen machine portable concentrators are incredibly durable and can handle storage in an overhead bin, it is important to remember that they are still "machines," with moving and mechanical parts, which can break or malfunction. It is vital to have a back-up plan should there be any issues with your oxygen therapy device. If you ever have any problems, Vitality Medical will honor the machine's warranty. In addition to assisting you with getting your machine serviced by the manufacturer, if you prefer, we will can also send you a complimentary oxygen device so that you do not need to go without therapy while your machine is being repaired by the manufacturer.

At Vitality Medical, we both sell and rent portable oxygen concentrators. To determine which portable oxygen concentrator for sale is best for you, please review the most popular portable oxygen concentrator reviews at the bottom of this page.

FAA Approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators

A ruling by the Department of Transportation (section 382.133, "Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel" effective May 13, 2009) indicates "that air carriers conducting passenger service must permit someone with a disability to use an FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrator (POC) on all flights (on aircraft originally designed to have a maximum passenger capacity of more than 19 seats)". The FAA has approved 21 portable oxygen concentrators for airline travel. The list of 21 approved POC's is provided below along with links to government test results.

  1. AirSep FreeStyle 
  2. AirSep LifeStyle 
  3. AirSep Focus 
  4. AirSep Freestyle 5 
  5. (Caire) SeQual eQuinox / Oxywell (model 4000) 
  6. Delphi RS-00400 / Oxus RS-00400 
  7. DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo 
  8. Inogen One 
  9. Inogen One G2 
  10. lnogen One G3 
  11. lnova Labs LifeChoice Activox 
  12. International Biophysics LifeChoice / lnova Labs LifeChoice 
  13. Invacare XPO2 
  14. Invacare Solo 2 
  15. Oxylife Independence Oxygen Concentrator 
  16. Precision Medical EasyPulse 
  17. Respironics EverGo 
  18. Respironics SimplyGo 
  19. Sequal Eclipse 
  20. SeQual SAROS 
  21. VBox Trooper 

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SeQual eQuinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator 24/7

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen One G3 POCThe Inogen One G3 is, hands down, the most popular portable concentrator that we distribute at Vitality Medical. This model is pulse dose only and approved by the FAA for flight travel. When you purchase a G3, you also receive a variety of complementary accessories for free, including two batteries, AC adapter, DC adapter, cannula with 7 feet of length, and a carrying bag. This model features "sleep mode technology," which adapts to individual patient needs during sleep. Weighing less than 5 pounds, including battery, it's no wonder that the Inogen One G3 is the "go-to" choice, as it offers you independence like no other concentrator.

Inogen One G2 Portable Concentrator

Inogen One G2 POCThe Inogen One G2 is the second most popular portable oxygen generator that we distribute at Vitality Medical. Similar to the G3, this model is also only pulse dose and authorized by the FAA for flight travel. When you purchase a G2, you receive additional items that are included in the price, such as one 12 or 24-cell battery, power supply, cart, carrying bage, and nasal cannula. Although this is the older model of the G3, many patients still heavily rely on and trust the G2 concentrator.

Eclipse 5 POC

Eclipse 5 POCThe Eclipse 5 is available in 3 different bundles to meet your specific travelling needs: basic, freedom, and travel bundle. Each bundle, truly, offers you the most "bang for your buck." For example, when you purchase the travel bundle, you receive 3 batteries, AC and DC adapter, cannula with 7 feet of length, supply tubing with 25 feet of length, connector, wheeled cart, extra intake filter, accessory bag, oximeter, desktop charger, and a travel case. In addition to offering the most out of any kit that we sell, the Eclipse 5 offers both pulse dose and continuous flow. This machine, additionally, is approved by the FAA to travel with on commercial airlines. If you're looking for quality and quantity, this is the portable concentrator for you.

DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

DeVilbiss iGo POCThe iGo, manufactured by DeVilbiss, is capable of administering continuous flow or pulse dose therapy. This machine, additionally, is equipped with an oxygen sensor, which ensures an accurate delivery of oxygen. iGo is perfect for areas that are prone to blackouts, as it features a power sensor that detects loss of power and will automatically switch to battery operation. This oxygen generator is available in different bundles to meet your unique needs. iGo is approved by the FAA to travel with on commercial airlines.

AirSep Focus POC

AirSep Focus POCThe Focus, manufactured by AirSep, is the lightest and smallest oxygen generator. In fact, this device weighs approximately 2 1/2 pounds with the battery. No other portable concentrator allow you mobility and freedom quite like this machine. The Focus is great for patients who are active, travel frequently, or just want more freedom. This oxygen generator can operate by three different power sources: AC power, DC power, or rechargeable battery. This POC is pulse dose only and approved by the FAA to travel with on commercial flights and airlines. If you're looking for an oxygen machine that is lightweight and offers you ease of mobility and freedom, this is the machine for you.

Oxlife Independence Portable Concentrator

Oxlife Independence POCOxlife Independence, manufactured by O2 Concepts, is a portable oxygen concentrator that offers both continuous flow and pulse dose delivery to meet the needs of all patients that require oxygen therapy. This machine offers an integrated cart, meaning the wheels and handle are built into the actual machine. This kit comes with 2 batteries, AC power supply, DC power supply, an accessory bag, inlet filter, and a 5 year warranty. Out of all the machines that we distribute, this machine has the longest warranty. In addition to a lengthy warranty, this device is incredibly durable, as this is the only machine that offers a metal cabinet compared to a plastic build. O2 Concepts builds the Oxlife in the United States. This oxygen concentrator is approved by the FAA to travel with on commercial flights and airlines. If you're looking for high functionality, durability, and the best protection for a portable device, this is oxygen generator for you.

AirSep FreeStyle 5 Portable Concentrator

AirSep FreeStyle 5 POCFreeStyle 5, manufactured by AirSep, is another incredibly lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. This device is great if you do not want to worry about external batteries, as the battery is internal. Its internal battery can be recharged while simultaneously using the concentrator. When you buy a FreeStyle 5, you also receive a shoulder strap, accessory bag, carrying case, universal power supply, AC power supply, and DC power supply. Featuring a digital display of remaining battery life, you will know exactly when you need to charge your system. The buttons are soft to the touch and are enhanced with Braille to denote pulse settings. The FreeStyle 5 is pulse dose only and is approved by the FAA for flight travel.