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ABD Dressings

ABD Dressings are used for large wounds or for wounds requiring high absorbency. This dressing was originally developed for the military to treat battle wounds. ABD is an acronym for “Army Battle Dressing.” In fact, several wound dressings currently in use today were originally developed for battle field situations. Many people today associate this absorbent dressing as an abdominal wound dressing, including many doctors and caregivers. However, the actual purpose of ABD dressings is to manage heavy draining wounds or large wounds. ABD Dressings are constructed with a thick absorbent layer that disperses fluids to keep them from pooling upon the wound site. The edges are sealed and the dressing back is designed to prevent strike-through.

Vitality Medical carries a wide assortment of ABD dressings from major medical manufacturers, including the Medline ABD Pads, Invacare ABD Gauze Pad, Covidien Tendersorb Wet Proof, Dukal Combine ABD Pad, and the Hartman Sorbalux ABD Pad.

Best Selling

ABD Pad Gauze by Curity

  • for heavily exudating wounds
  • padding for pressure points


Lowest Price

ABD Pad Gauze by Invacare

  • 3 layer pad
  • absorbent fluff filler


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