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Enteral Feeding

Vitality Medical offers a wide variety of enteral feeding supplies such as pumps, tubes, liquid feeding, and feeding sets to suit patients' varying nutritional, usability and mobility needs -- and do so at different prices to suit your budget. Select pumps mount directly on IV poles and others have been engineered to provide a greater degree of mobility and can even be placed in custom-designed backpacks for discreet nutrition-on-the-go. Check-out our low profile MIC-KEY G-Tubes with a bolus feeding extension kit. These feeding tubes are medical grade and easily conceal for active patients. Some tube feedings require bypassing the stomach, in such cases, there is the Avanos MIC-KEY GJ Tubes that threads into the jejunal portion of the small intestine. There are also numerous PEG tubes available.

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Set Ascending Direction

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While every enteral feeding pump Vitality Medical offers is easy-to-use, some provide diagnostic and trouble-shooting features, as well as integrated frequently asked questions guides to assist home users. A few other features offered by our feeding pumps include:

  • On-unit screens and displays that provide dosing information such as volume and infusion rate.
  • Different chambers for water or formula.
  • Audible alarms that indicate if there is a feeding tube blockage or if feeding is complete.
  • Intelligent pumps that automatically detect the type of feeding set used.
  • On-unit key pads for easily inputting and/or adjusting dosages.

The different types of feeding pumps available vary by portability and features. Here are feeding pumps from leading manufacturers, as well as a bit of information to help you select the best unit for you:

EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump -- Lightweight for maximum portability, the feeding pump features feeding/blockage alarms and a rotary peristaltic pump for simplified dosing. The pump carries an easy-to-read screen and troubleshooting assistance, as well as up to 24 hours of battery time.

Enteral Feeding Pump -- Manufactured by Nestle, this feeding pump carries dual chambers for water and formula. The unit offers a high degree of programmability for patient hydration protocols, tube flushings and more.

Kangaroo ePump Enteral Feeding Pump -- Focusing on portability and usability, this feeding pump can provide intermittent or continuous dosing while providing up to 15 hours of mobile nutrition via a rechargeable battery.

Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Pump -- This value feeding pump provides continuous or intermittent feeding options in an extremely portable package. Aimed at active users, the feeding pump features a rubber case, for splash-resistance and quick clean-up. A backpack is also available for on-the-go nutrition.

Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump -- Developed with accuracy in mind, the design of this feeding pump focuses on safety and reliability. Highly visible, front-mount LEDs on dual displays and highly intuitive, one-touch programming simplify caregiving. The unit is also easy to transport when the user is mobile.

Patient Indications for Enteral Feeding

  • Patients who are Malnourished
  • Patients who cannot or will not Orally Ingest Adequate Food

Note: Information on our website is intended for customer convenience and is not a substitution for the direction of a physician.

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