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Moog EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump w/Charger, Clamp, & Manual

Moog - Authorized Distributor

Product Highlights

  • Easy-loading cassette for one-handed setup
  • Maintains +/- 5% accuracy at any flow rate
  • No annual maintenance or calibration
  • Intuitive design makes it easy to use
  • Uninterrupted care while operating
  • Washable under running water
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  • Easy returns
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Moog InteraLite Infinity Feeding Pump Slight Angle Change
Moog InteraLite Infinity Feeding Pump Slight Angle Change Illustration of child doing a flip while wearing infinity pump illustration of features, accuracy, portability illustration of features, intuitive design, rugged Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump Overview 1) Pump Overview - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 2) Pole Clamp - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 3) Battery Information - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 4) Feeding Sets & Cassettes - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 5) Filling & Priming Sets - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 6) Loading the Set - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 7) Turning the Pump On - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 8) Programming the Pump - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 9) Feed Interval - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 10) Warnings - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 11) Volume Delivered - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 12) Shut Door Alarm - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 13) No Flow Alarm - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 14) No Food Alarm - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 15) Push Run to Feed Alarm - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 16) ER Messages - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 17) Changing User Preferences - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump 18) Cleaning & Maintenance - Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump


EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump, by Moog, is a compact-portable feeding pump device, which allows tube-fed patients the ability to participate in physical activity, without being held back by their feeding pump.

The EnteraLite Infinity Pump uses alarms, messages and indicators that display on an easy-to-read screen to help you diagnose and troubleshoot the most common questions about operation. The Moog Feeding Pump has an intuitive design and easily mastered user interface provides confidence right from the start.

EnteraLite Infinity Feeding Pump gives patients the ability to stick to their prescribed feeding regimen while maintaining a normal lifestyle. The Infinity feeding pump provides a +/-5% accuracy at any flow rate and is easy to program and operate, which gives caregiver the freedom to tend to other important daily tasks. It is portable and operates in any orientation. The Infinity Feeding Pump features three feeding programs; intermittent, bolus, and continuous and has selectable flow rates from 0.1 ml/hr to 600 ml/hr. The indication, messages, and alarms featured on the display screen makes it easy to diagnose and perform maintenance on pump operation.


Lightweight and Portable

Design Awards

The Enteralite pump is lightweight (weighs 1 pound), which makes it portable and easily carried in a custom-designed carry bag. The pump has a 24-hour battery to ensure a consistent flow rate all day and all night. The pump does not require scheduled maintenance and is easily cleaned, simply rinse with running water. It includes a pole clamp, pump, charger, operator's manual, and a 2-year warranty.

Vitality Medical also carries other enteral feeding pump models such as the Covidien Kangaroo ePump.


Pump Anatomy

Design Awards


Product Features and Benefits

  • Allows For Uninterrupted Care
  • Highly Portable, Lightweight
  • Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Use Intuitive Design
  • Easy-Loading Cassette Allows for Fast One-Handed, Consistent Set Up
  • Maintains +/- 5% Accuracy at Any Flow Rate and When Operated in Any Orientation
  • No Annual Maintenance or Calibration, Washable Under Running Water


Product Dimensions



Product Specifications

  • Product Number: 90049859
  • Width: 5.65 Inch
  • Height: 1.95 Inch
  • Depth: 4.05 Inch
  • Weight: 14.4 Ounces (408 g)
  • Flow Rate: 0.1 - 600 mL/hr
  • Flow Increment: 0.1 ml/hr from 0.1 ml/hr to 10 ml/hr 1 ml/hr from 10 ml/hr to 600 ml/hr
  • Flow Rate Accuracy: +/- 5% of Selected Flow Rate
  • Dose Range: 0.1 ml to 3000 ml or infinite dose
  • Dose Increment: 0.1 ml from 0.1 - 10 ml
  • Dose Accuracy: 1 ml from 10 - 3000 ml
  • Operating Orientation: Any
  • Memory: Settings Retained Until Use Changes
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Duration: 24 Hours at 125 mL/hour
  • Battery Recharge Time: 6 Hours
  • Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 400 mA
  • Power Output: 5 VDC, 2.4 A
  • Maintenance: No Annual Maintenance or Calibration Required
  • Cleaning: Washable Under Running Water (Water-Resistant)
  • Kit Contents: Pump, Charger, Pole Clamp, Operator's Manual
  • Manufacturer: Moog
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years





Indications For Use

EnteraLite® Infinity® is a rotary peristaltic enteral feeding pump. Its design delivers selectable rates of programmed doses of enteral nutrition. The machine interface is easy to use with a simple interface and keypad. This enteral feeding technology allows an accuracy rate of +/- 5 percent. It also can operate in any orientation safely. This system includes a complete line of DEHP-free pump delivery sets with automatic free-flow patient protection. The EnteraLite Infinity provides for both hospital and alternate care use. It is a durable system that is water-resistant. A Moog carry pack (optional) provides carrying capacity. This lightweight, small size system along with its accurate dosage, supports greater physical activity.

Product Warnings

  • Use ONLY feeding solutions prescribed by a physician, registered dietitian, registered nurse, or another licensed practitioner.
  • Use ONLY compatible EnteraLite Infinity Disposable Sets to ensure proper fluid delivery. Others will not deliver the correct dose, may allow dangerous free-flow conditions, and may generate hazardous fluid pressures, which may activate occlusion alarms at unpredictable pressures.
  • Low flow rates, combined with high dose settings, may exceed the life of the disposable set. Replace the disposable set every 24 hours to maintain delivery accuracy, allow proper air and occlusion sensing, and prevent the growth of bacteria. DO NOT PROGRAM RATE AND DOSE COMBINATIONS WHICH EXCEED A 24 HOUR FEED REGIMEN.
  • The battery capacity of 24 hours is an approximation. If you are unsure that enough capacity remains for your intended use, recharge it.
  • To avoid electrical shock, never clean the pump with the charger plugged into an outlet or when the pump is on.
  • Make sure the EnteraLite Infinity AC Adapter/Charger is completely dry before plugging into an electrical outlet.
  • Do not use EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump for the delivery of non-enteral solutions. Serious injury may result.
  • The proper operation of the pump requires the door is closed and latched. Make sure the door is closed and latched when the motor is running.
  • If an error occurs (ER01 - ER99 or ERRA - ERRZ will appear in the display), all settings and volume counters should be checked and verified before starting feeding.
  • Do not modify this equipment.


Product Cautions

  • U.S. federal law restricts this device for sale only by or on the order of a physician, registered dietitian, registered nurse, or another licensed practitioner.
  • Dispose of EnteraLite Infinity Disposable Sets properly, as required by local law.
  • Upon detection of any leaks in the disposable set, immediately stop pump operation and disconnect the set from the patient. Replace the set with a new disposable set.
  • Use care when manually priming a delivery set to prevent damage to the cassette from excessive force.
  • Do not overload carry packs with personal items that may interfere with pump function. Guard against kinked or pinched tubing and unintentional button presses.
  • The EnteraLite Infinity uses an optical air-in-line sensor to detect air in the tubing as it passes through the pump causing the pump to alarm should feeding be inadvertently interrupted or when feeding is complete. It is important to keep this sensor free of debris including spilled fluids or food that may adhere to the sensor and prevent proper detection of air in the tubing.
  • Include caregiver training of the care, use, and maintenance of the Infinity pump and its accessories, including proper cleaning of the area around the optical air-in-line sensor.
  • Clinicians, care providers, and end-users should be aware of the following considerations whenever using or teaching others to use the pump:
  • A clinician will need to determine whether the programmed dose, infinite dose, or interval feeding setting is most appropriate for the patient.
  • Monitor the patient and pump regardless of the setting, whenever delivering a feeding with special attention to those patients who may not be able to inform the clinician or care provider of discomfort or other concerns related to the feeding.
  • If providing a continuous feed with the infinite dose setting, monitor the delivery and add proper amounts of additional food before depletion of the bag or bottle.
  • When using the infinite dose setting with planned discontinuation after food delivery from the bag or bottle, allow all food to move through the pump. The pump will alarm when the feeding cycle is complete.
  • Monitor the pump and feed flow to ensure the appropriate dosing.
  • Use ONLY commercially available pre-packed or commercially prepared feeding solutions formulated for use with a feeding pump prescribed by a licensed health care provider, dietician or nutritionist.
  • The use of homemade, blenderized or liquidized foods or other non-prescribed feeding solutions may cause sticky solids that could obstruct the optical sensor. It is recommended that all users clean and maintain the pump and optical sensors according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Do not use the Infinite Dose or Interval Feeding programming option listed in the operator's manual for seriously health compromised patients and children, or patients who are extremely sensitive to air in the stomach with enteral feeding. Use a single feeding regimen with a specific dose for this particular user group.

Directions For Use

Recommendation for First Use

Following delivery, charge the battery for 6 hours prior to first use.

Priming and Loading the Disposable Set

Step 1:

  • If you are using the Safety Screw Connector or Spike set with a vented bottle or pre-filled bag, remove the protective cover from the tip, then insert the tip into the formula exit port of the container. If using the Safety Screw Connector set, secure the tip by tightly screwing threaded components together.
  • If you are using the 500ml or 1200ml disposable set, hold the bag upright and pour in the feeding solution. Then, close the cap securely.

NOTE: Blenderized or aggressively mixed solutions may have foam. If using this type of solution, allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before pouring into the bag. Settling the formula will reduce the chance of sounding an alarm due to air in the tubing.

Step 2:

  • Remove the protective cover from the barbed adapter. If using a pole clamp, place the protective cover in the groove on the back of the clamp.

NOTE: Remove all air from the bag and tubing if using with a carry pack. Continue to Step 3 for instructions on removing air. If the set hangs above the pump on an IV pole, you may skip to Step 4.




Step 3:

Turn the bag upside down and gently squeeze. Tilt bag as needed to evacuate air through tubing port.

Step 4:

Gently pinch the teal-colored tubing below the drop symbol. Hold this position until the air dissipates from the tubing. Gently squeeze bag at the same time to assist fluid flow. If the fluid does not flow, pinch pressure may be too strong.

NOTE: Inside the teal-colored tubing, below the water drop symbol is the in-line occluder. The in-line occluder has an anti-free-flow valve. By pinching the tubing
gently, the tubing moves away from the in-line occluder allowing fluid to flow.
It is important only to pinch the tubing below the water drop symbol to avoid damaging the in-line occluder.

NOTE: Be extremely careful to pinch tubing using only the flat, soft part of your
finger. Do not use fingernails when pinching tubing; doing so may puncture the
delivery set. If you suspect a punctured delivery set, please discard it and use a new set.

NOTE: Air may also be removed from tubing using the primer pump feature.

Step 5:

Loop silicone tubing around the pump wheel, stretching it lightly. Seat the cassette into the pump. Close the pump door.

NOTE: When using the 1200ml set with the Mini Backpack, load the set into the back section of the pack and thread the cassette through the port in the bottom corner of the pack before loading the cassette into the pump.

Step 6:

To turn the pump on, press and hold the ON/OFF key for 1.5. While the pump runs through a self-test, the display will light and an audible alarm will sound as the pump displays the nine-digit serial number three digits at a time for one second each. The display will then show the letter 'R' followed by a number, which is the software revision. Next, all segments of the display will show for 2-seconds. Verify that all display segments and symbols are active. The self-test is complete and the pump will then display the last programmed rate and will be in pause mode. If any air is still in the tubing, continue to Step 7 to use the prime pump feature.

Step 7:

Press and hold the PRIME key. The alarm will sound once and the pump will begin pumping at the maximum rate of 600 ml/hr. The display will read "TO STOP LET GO."  Once all air is removed from the tubing, release the key. The pump will stop, the display will revert to the last programmed rate, and the pump will be in pause mode.


Lightweight and Portable

Infinity Feeding Pump



WARNING: To avoid electrical shock, never clean pump or EnteraLite Infinity AC
Adapter/Charger with the charger plugged into an outlet, or the pump turned on.
WARNING: Make sure the EnteraLite Infinity AC Adapter/Charger is completely
dry before plugging into an electrical outlet.

To clean the EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump

Clean the pump with warm soapy water (standard dish soap) and a nonabrasive sponge or soft cloth. Use a cotton swab to clean pathways of cassette receptacle and to remove teal silicone residue from pump wheel roller pins.

OR -

Apply one of the following solutions for approximately 10 minutes, then wipe
pump clean with a damp cloth or sponge:

  • 5% bleach and water solution
  • Multipurpose household disinfectant cleaner

Rinse pump by holding under a stream of warm water. Then, dry with a clean cloth.

NOTE: Avoid harsh cleaners/disinfectants. They may cause damage to pump surfaces and may affect pump functionality. Moog has tested the following disinfectants for acceptability for cleaning and disinfecting the EnteraLite Infinity pump.


Cleaning Products List


Metrex CavaCide
MetriCide 28
5% Bleach and Water Solution
Warm Soapy Water (Standard Dish Soap)


Ball Ruthless
Wex-Cide 128
Warm Soapy Water (Standard Dish Soap) Vesphene Ilse


To clean the Carrying Packs

The EnteraLite Infinity packs are machine-washable. Use cold water on a gentle Cycle, whenever possible. Hang to dry.

To Clean the AC Adapter/Charger

EnteraLite Infinity AC Adapter/Charger normally does not require cleaning. Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean the outside surface of the AC Adapter/Charger while disconnected from the wall outlet.

Pediatric Considerations

Use the EnteraLite Infinity with pediatric patients if the specifications of the pump meet the delivery requirements of the patient. The specifications of primary importance are as follows:

  • The flow rate range of EnteraLite Infinity is 0.1 ml/hr to 10 ml/hr in 0.1 ml/hr increments and 10 ml/hr to 600 ml/hr in 1 ml/hr increments.
  • The EnteraLite Infinity pump delivers the dose at the specified rate within +/- 5% volumetric flow rate accuracy under the following conditions:
    • 8 utilizing Moog EnteraLite Infinity disposable sets
    • 8 fluid head height at +6.0 inches ± 0.3 inches (+15.24 cm ± 0.76 cm) with respect to the center of the rotor.



2-Year Olds


Technical Information

EnteraLite Infinity Disposable Set Displacement

EnteraLite Infinity Disposable Set displaces approximately 15 mL of fluid when primed. Approximately 3.5 mL of air is drawn into the tubing before the enteral pump detects the bag is empty. Therefore, approximately 11.5 ml of fluid remains in the disposable set when the pump stops feeding. Be sure to account for this 11.5 mL of residual fluid when filling the disposable bag sets, especially for volume-sensitive users.

If you want to deliver 500 ml of fluid, this is how you would calculate how much fluid to place into the bag set.


Chart for Minimum Fluid

Displacement Chart


Electromagnetic Emissions/Interference

Electromagnetic emissions may affect the operation of any electronic medical device, including enteral feeding pumps. The EnteraLite Infinity will not be affected by electromagnetic emissions in most environments. However, some electromagnetic fields produced by personal communication equipment, household appliances, or occupational tools may cause electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can affect the pump. Possible sources of electromagnetic interference with electronic medical devices include, but are not limited to cellular phones, cordless telephones, microwave ovens, anti-theft/security systems, blenders, and high-powered tools (i.e. drills, saws, chain saws). If electromagnetic emitting devices operate within one yard/meter of the EnteraLite Infinity, the pump may automatically shut off, and the settings may return to their default values. Check the pump regularly if operating near sources of electromagnetic emissions.

The EnteraLite Infinity is operatable on commercial aircraft and meets EN 60601-1-2, EN 60601-1-4 and RTCA DO160D standards for electromagnetic emissions and immunity.

Routine Maintenance

There is no routine calibration or adjustment procedure required for EnteraLite Infinity.

There are no user-serviceable parts. Make all service requests to Moog technical service. 800-970-2337



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Vitality Medical carries a large selection of feeding supplies that offer additional safety and efficiency. For instance, there is the low profile MIC-KEY G-Tubes that include a bolus feeding extension kit. These feeding tubes are medical grade and easier to conceal for active patients. Feedings that require bypassing the stomach work with the Avanos MIC-KEY GJ Tubes that threads into the jejunal portion of the small intestine.


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