Mobility Aids Blogs

  1. 6 Best Bathtub Lifts for Elderly [2022]

    Top 6 Best Bath Lifts For Sale
    Bathtub lifts are medical assistive devices that help mobility patients with routine day-to-day bathing. Bath tub lifts provide independence and user privacy during daily hygiene. Physically disabled people and seniors can benefit from a powered bath lift that allows them to cope with the basic life practicalities of cleanliness.
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  2. 10 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs for 2022

    Selecting the Best Transport Chairs FOR SALE
    Figure out which is the best transport chair for you or your loved one and make sure you have the best lightweight transport chair for every important moment. This blog presents the Top 10 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs 2021 and why they are the best.
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  3. Fun Summertime Products For Everyone

    Hello Summer
    Whether you're heading out to the beach, a pool party, or just getting outside to enjoy the summer, Vitality Medical has you covered. Shop for everything from all-terrain wheelchairs and pool lifts to sunburn sheets and flip-flops, all at excellent prices.
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  4. UpWalker Upright Walker - Top 5 Benefits

    UpWalker Upright Walker - Top 5 Benefits
    The UPWalkers are industry game changers because they were the first walkers to allow their users to walk like everyone else completely upright. By standing erectly many owners of these stand-up walkers have reported that they not only feel better physically when using an upright rollator walker but that they also feel safer, more secure, and more confident in their ability to walk.
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  5. Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Upright Walker to Improve Life

    Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Upright Walker to Improve Life
    Upright walkers offer numerous advantages to mobility patients to allow them to walk longer and farther than they can with a standard walker. Continuing to walk and regular physical activity for seniors slows the aging process and helps keep people happy and active. The top 5 reasons to buy an upright rollator walker by Burt Cancaster.
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