Karen Olson

Karen  Olson
Karen Olson

Karen Olson grew up in Morgan, Utah. From an early age, she has enjoyed a good story. She was in middle school when she decided that she wanted to be a writer. This decision significantly affected the rest of her life. After graduating from Morgan High School, she packed her bags and drove to Cedar City where she earned her BFA in English and a minor in Spanish at Southern Utah University. She jokes as she says, “None of the other subjects spoke to me.” While attending SUU, she participated on the editing board for the school’s literary magazine The Kolob Canyon Review. Karen graduated college in December of 2019 and began working for Vitality Medical's marketing department in April of 2021.


Karen Olson, Author
7910 South 3500 East, Suite C,
Salt Lake City, UT84121

(801) 733-4449
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