Fun Summertime Products For Everyone



Date: June 1, 2021
By Karen Olson


Summer Fun Products For Sale


The days are warming up and the outdoors are calling. Before you head off on your many adventures, be sure to check out Vitality Medical’s summer must-haves.



All-Terrain Wheelchairs

No need to worry about getting your wheelchair stuck in the sand. Vitality sells versatile all-terrain wheelchairs, including the popular DeBug and Hippocampe. The DeBug Beach Wheelchair keeps all four wheels on the ground no matter how uneven the ground may be, making for a smoother ride. Hippocampe All-Terrain Wheelchair has one front wheel and two rear wheels that let riders push themselves, and the frame is made with a layer of cladding to help prevent burns. Both chairs are waterproof, so the whole family can enjoy playing in the water together or exploring a mountain trail.

DeBug Beach Wheelchair
Dry Cast Protection



Cast Protectors

Don’t let your cast keep you from enjoying the water. The Dry Pro Arm Cast Protector and Dry Pro Leg Cast Protector keep your arm or leg completely dry no matter how fast or far you swim. These cast protectors are made with vacuum seals that ensure the covers won’t slip off.


Solar Skin Hydro Gel Sheets

Nobody wants to look like a lobster. This is why Nearly Me Technologies invented Solar Skin Hydro Gel Sheets. These gel sheets provide water-based, chemical-free relief, creating the perfect conditions for the skin to heal after a bad sunburn.


Summer Sandals


Foot-Cooling Sandals

With all of the walking you’re going to do this summer, the shoes you choose can make or break your feet. Sure, you could buy a cheap pair of flip-flops that don’t exactly fit and leave red marks between your toes, but we have a better idea: Supracor St. Tropez Sandals. Say goodbye to achy feet; the honeycomb patterns on the insoles massage your feet while you walk, while air and water seep through the soles to cool off your feet. These aren’t your mama’s flip-flops -- although once she learns about them, she might want a pair!





Pool Lifts

If you have a private pool in your backyard but need more help getting in and out than you used to, you might want to check out Vitality Medical’s selection of pool lifts, including the Aqua Creek Pro and the Aqua Creek Revolution pool lifts. The Aqua Creek Revolution features a waterproof, hand-held remote that moves the seat exactly where you want it. For water lovers who are unable to sit up, the Aqua Creek Revolution also comes with a spine board. Both lifts feature adjustable seat poles and are ADA-compliant.

Whether you’re heading out to the beach, a pool party, or just getting outside to enjoy the summer, Vitality Medical has you covered. Shop for everything from all-terrain wheelchairs and pool lifts to sunburn sheets and flip-flops, all at excellent prices. Order online or call to place your order today, then go out and soak up those sun rays.

Revolution Pool Lift