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Sharon Schiffbauer

Sharon Schiffbauer
Sharon Schiffbauer

Sharon Schiffbauer grew up in Minnesota. She spent her youth reading, writing, and pretending that the cold "wouldn't be that bad if not for the windchill." When she was sixteen, her family moved to Utah where she discovered what warm truly felt like and decided not to go back. In 2019 Sharon graduated from Utah Valley University as a Bachelor of English with an emphasis on Creative Writing.

Today, Sharon is a full-time copywriter at Vitality Medical. She enjoys learning about the various medical products and conditions she writes about. When she isn't writing, Sharon enjoys knitting, playing video games, baking, listening to music, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.



Sharon Schiffbauer , Author
7910 South 3500 East, Suite C,
Salt Lake City, UT84121

(801) 733-4449
[email protected]

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