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What Is a Two Piece Urostomy Bag?

A Two Piece Urostomy Bag is a system comprised of two items: the urostomy bag and the wafer (flange). These two items are either ordered separately or as a complete urostomy kit. The two piece urostomy system provides the user with more options for the style of the wafer, the size of the bag and the style of the bag. The versatility of this system makes it an ideal urostomy care choice for a wide variety of different types of lifestyles.

Why Choose a Two Piece Urostomy Bag?

There are several reasons why a two-piece urostomy system may be a more preferable choice for you than a one piece system. In addition to being gentler on the skin, the following are all reasons why you might choose a two piece urostomy system:

  • Two piece systems can stay in place between two and four days, resulting in a more skin-friendly user experience.
  • The size of the bag can be quickly and simply changed for different occasions. For example, a smaller bag can be used for intimate moments or for swimming, while a regular-sized bag can be used for everyday activities.
  • A two-piece system allows users to change the bag much more quickly than a one-piece system. Simply remove the old bag and quickly attach the new bag for a seamless bag change. You can quickly change your bag while going about your everyday activities, such as running errands, working out, attending social gatherings and similar situations.

What Is a Skin Barrier?

There are several different styles of skin barriers that can be used with a two-piece urostomy system. A plastic ring called a floating flange is used to snap the skin barrier together with the pouch. A floating flange allows you to put your fingertips beneath the flange for additional support while you attach the pouch to the barrier. The purpose of the floating flange is to help reduce pressure on your abdomen while applying the pouch.

Find the Right Skin Barrier

It's important that you find the best possible skin barrier fit for your stoma. This will ensure that you have a completely comfortable and stress-free user experience. The different types of skin barriers available for a two piece urostomy system include:

  • Flat Skin Barrier: A flat skin barrier may be ideal for you if your stoma sticks out at least an inch from your body.
  • Convex Skin Barrier: a convex skin barrier may be the best choice for you if your stoma is flat against your skin or protrudes less than an inch. A convex skin barrier is also a great solution for people who have a soft abdomen with a dip or an indented area around your stoma.
  • Pre-Sized Skin Barrier: A pre-sized skin barrier is a great option if your stoma is round and is no longer changing size. A pre-sized skin barrier is already cut to the correct size, allowing you to apply it without having to pre-cut its size.
  • Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier: A cut-to-fit skin barrier is the most ideal for an oval stoma, oblong stoma or stoma that is still changing size. To use a cut-to-fit skin barrier, simply measure your stoma where it is the largest and select the correct size.
  • A Flextend Skin Barrier: A flextend skin barrier is typically the best choice for use with a urostomy. Flextend skin barriers are resistant to breakdown, making them a good choice if you only change your barrier once or twice a week.

Find an Ostomy Pouch

We carry many different types of 2-piece closed ostomy pouch products from several different manufacturers, such as:

  • Hollister Medical-: Hollister Medical offers an expansive range of ostomy pouching systems as well as a complete range of ostomy accessories. Hollister Medical products are committed to providing ostomy patients with a high level of care.
  • Coloplast: Coloplast is well-known in the ostomy community for providing quality products including pouches, skin barriers and wafers. Coloplast also offers quality ostomy and ileostomy pouches (including both one-piece and two-piece systems). Coloplast is a great resource if you're searching for a full range of ostomy product selection.
  • ConvaTec: ConvaTec offers a wide assortment of ostomy pouches and accessories that are affordable and manufactured with quality. ConvaTec offers a wide range of ostomy products, including ostomy pouches, cut-to-fit wafers, protective powders, deodorizers, and much more.

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