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  1. DermaGinate Ag Calcium Alginate Iconic Silver Dressing
    DermaGinate Ag Calcium Alginate Iconic Silver Dressing .
    DermaGinate is a great combo dressing with both Calcium Alginate and Silver to fight infections.
    (Review by Erma)
  2. Medihoney Alginate Wound Dressing
    superior product.
    This dressing is an spectacular healing product. My husbands wound was at a standstill and we started using Medihoney and the improvement is wonderful.
    (Review by Diana)
  3. Algidex Ag Packing Gauze Silver Alginate Packing Dressing
    Algidex Ag.
    Algidex Ag is a great woven gauze that will not unravel will not lent or fray. Packs wounds and fights infectins.
    (Review by Albert)
  4. Medihoney Alginate Wound Dressing
    Outstanding healing for difficult wound.
    Cancer patient with wound at edge of hole in skull following removal of plate. Unable to replace plate due to recurrent infections, so the Medihoney is healing the small wound
    (Review by Chorister)

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