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Nebulizer Supplies & Equipment

Nebulization therapy involves dispensing medication in mist form that is inhaled via the mouth and into the lungs. Such treatment is commonly used for lung issues such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) along with several other respiratory diseases or disorders. For nebulization therapy to work effectively, patients need to have the right nebulizer supplies and equipment in place. Such nebulizer equipment would be: Compressors, nebulizers, masks and saline solution all serve as key components that are necessary for helping patients with their treatment needs.

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Nebulization Therapy Equipment and Supplies

Nebulizer Compressors help push compressed air to your nebulizer, using a mist to deliver medicine through a mouthpiece. These help with the treatment of asthma-related issues or patients who need nebulization therapy to treat lung disease symptoms. This style of compressor is typically used at home with several different styles to choose from. While this style cannot be used on-the-go, these are still lightweight and easy to pack. One of the lighter models is the Omron NE-C801 CompAIR Compressor Nebulizer System.

Portable Nebulizers are perfect pieces of equipment for patients constantly on the move. This style does not require an outlet for usage, has batteries that last for long periods of time and can administer the mist anytime, anywhere. Portable Nebulizers are more convenient due to several factors including weight, handling and medicine administration. Nebulizer solution mixes are available on demand, making delivery quick and easy as well. Compressors such as the Pari Respiratory Trek S Compact Nebulizer Compressor, make an effective tool for travel.

Nebulizers are accessories placed at the end of the tubing and help to deliver the medicinal mist to the mouth and into the body. These are typically made for single-use only; however, proper care will allow for multiple uses before needing to be discarded. Devilbiss' VixOne Nebulizer have both reusable and disposable styles for easier maintenance and supply count.

Nebulizer Masks are more efficient at delivering medication to the body. They also provides a more consistent method of delivery, as it's able to place the medication through the mouth and nose. This delivery is perfect for getting medications directly to the lungs. Nebulizer Masks are available in both pediatric and adult style masks. There are also several styles to choose from include side-stream and up-draft; among others.

On top of having all the nebulizer styles available, there are several accessories available to help maintain the compressor. Items such as mask and mouthpiece tubing, filters and other nebulizer parts will not only help keep the compressors clean, but extend the overall life it as well. A well-kept compressor will deliver clean medication, meaning healthier individuals as well.

For every medical delivery, a key item for use is sterile saline, which is preservative free and contains no bacteria. These doses typically come in vials that are easy to open for delivery, making medication easy to disperse into the body. The saline is often 0.9 Percent Unit Dose and is available in 3 or 5 milliliter vials. Be sure to purchase your nebulizer equipment and supplies from Vitality Medical for discounted prices.

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