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Pediatric Nebulizer Masks for Kids

Pediatric Masks are a designed to accompany pediatric nebulizers. Kids nebulizer masks make taking treatment easier by allowing the child to simply breathe in and out naturally and allows the medication to enter through either the mouth or the nose. This in turn helps medication enter the lungs and treat symptoms more quickly. By getting a nebulizer mask for child means that it is sized appropriately with fun decorative designs that make treatment more playful and encouraging the imagination of your child. There are even options for infants that come in the form of a pacifier nebulizer to further facilitate treatment, even for newborns.

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Indications Your Child May Need a Nebulizer

While nebulizers need a prescription, there are a few signs that can help you determine if your child should see a doctor regarding a nebulizer. If your child is coughing or wheezing for an extended period of time or has difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid breathing, or delayed recovery from bronchitis, be sure to see your pediatrician.

How Do You Use a Nebulizer Mask?

  • Place mask over mouth and nose, holding it in place as needed and secure with elastic band.
  • Turn on nebulizer.
  • Keep the head upright and breathe in and out deeply during treatment.
  • As the nebulizer starts to sputter and medication runs low, turn off the machine and remove mask for cleaning.

How to Clean a Nebulizer Mask

Some mask nebulizers are designed for single use and require no cleaning. However, there are reusable masks that should be cleaned after every use. After use, be sure to soak them in hot water fully immersed. This cleans away any residue of medication as well as any bacteria stuck to the mask. For more specific instructions and deep cleaning instructions, please refer to the user instructions for your individual mask.

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