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Stump Socks, Sleeves & Shrinkers

Find Stump Socks, Sleeves & Shrinkers for all prosthesis levels. There are a variety of prosthetic liners to accommodate for volume changes in the limb. Stump socks keep the limp warm, improve comfort and provide a snugger fit when wearing a prosthesis. Silipos manufactures a variety of reusable prosthesis liners made of gel or a combination of gel and nylon. The gel is infused with mineral oil to moisturize and condition scars and skin graft. The gel combined with an outer nylon material is designed to cushion bony prominences and add both durability and longevity with every wash.

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Stump Shrinker socks are typically made with elastic woven into the material to give it properties that aid in reducing inflammation, reshaping and managing the changes in the volume of the residual limb. This stage is begun once the limb is close to being healed following amputation. This helps in desensitizing your limb in preparation for receiving a liner and ultimately the prosthesis.

Additional socks may be placed over liner to get the snuggest fit possible, especially when pressure is experienced on the end of the limb indicating the need for additional vertical support. There are gel liners available in a variety of thicknesses. A liner such as the SiloLiner is made from one material which is gel and therefore its thickness is measured in inches. When several materials are used throughout the liner or sock, the thickness is referred to as ply. There are 1-ply, 3-ply or 5-ply thicknesses. It's recommended to add 1-ply at a time when needing a tighter fit.

Distal End Pad is another option to provide additional comfort and even shock absorption at the distal tip. Pads can be cut to provide a custom fit.

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