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Compression Shorts (Men & Women)

Compression shorts feature a skin-tight construction designed to support the muscles and joints during activities such as physical therapy or athletic training. The pressure from the compression shorts increases the blood flow to the desired areas, delivering more oxygen to the working muscles. In addition to improving blood flow, athletes and exercise enthusiasts also use compression shorts to promote healing after physical activity. Compression athletic shorts are made of breathable material that wicks away moisture from the skin, which can prevent chafing and discomfort. Some options for compression shorts are even made of antimicrobial materials that reduce the bacteria that can cause odors.

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How To Choose the Best Compression Shorts

Compression shorts or compression underwear are available in several types and sizes. When selecting the right pair of compression shorts, there are a few things to consider:



Most compression shorts provide a guide for sizing. The range is typically specific to the manufacturer. If a guide is not available, choose the size closest to the regular pants size. These shorts should hug the frame tightly. The proper fit should be snug, but if they are uncomfortable, try going up a size.

Women's Compression Underwear Side View


The shorts should not be painful or difficult to put on, and the material should not irritate the skin. Most compression shorts are moisture-wicking to move sweat off the skin. Many options, such as the Men's Core Compression Shorts, are also antimicrobial which helps reduce odors.


Men's Versus Women's

Men's Compression Underwear

Compression shorts are not unisex. They are meant to be skin-tight and conform to the shape of the body. The fit is what allows them to support the muscles and joints during activity as well as wick away moisture from the skin. Compression shorts for men are catered to the male anatomy: there is support for the genitals and less stretch in the hips or thighs. Similarly, compression shorts for women, such as the TR2 Women's Compression Shorts, cater to the female anatomy: the waist is higher and allows for a better fit in the hips and glutes. Wearing the wrong pair of shorts reduces their effectiveness as the fit will not be correct.



Extra features can be convenient, but not always necessary. Padding at the hips or thighs provides stability and reduces the risk of injury. Compression shorts with pockets, such as the MCS Men's Compression Shorts allow the user to carry belongings while they exercise. A reinforced waistband can provide more comfort and an enhanced fit.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can compression shorts be worn?
That depends on what they're made for. Some are meant to be similar to underwear and can be worn all day. Others are meant for physical activity and shouldn't be worn for very long outside of training or treatment time.

Can wearing compression shorts have side effects?
Wearing compression shorts that are too tight may result in pinched nerves. In addition, wearing them for too long can cause heartburn.

How tight should compression shorts feel?
They should be snug but they should not cut into the skin enough to be painful.

Are compression shorts unisex?
No. They are designed to fit the shape of the body. Since men and women have different shapes, it is important that the wearer chooses a pair that properly fits their anatomy.

Should anything be worn under compression shorts?
No. Compression shorts are designed to be worn against the skin. Wearing anything under them, even underwear hampers their effectiveness.

Should anything be worn over compression shorts?
Clothing can be worn over the shorts, but it will not increase their effectiveness.

How long should compression shorts be?
Common lengths for compression shorts measured from the inseam for men run between 6 and 10 inches. Common lengths for women run between 3 and 8 inches. Long compressions shorts measure down to the knees.

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