Escali Medical Diagnostic Equipment — Defibrillators, Pen Lights, Reflex Hammers, Tongue Depressors

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  1. Deluxe Digital Thermometer 60 Second
    Beeping Thermometer.
    This thermometer takes my temp in one minute and beeps to let me know when it is ready. The digital display was easy for me to read.
    (Review by Annie)
  2. OMRON ComFit Cuff Large cuff 9 - 17 Inch H-CL22
    Best Cuff Around.
    Thought I was going crazy changing cuffs on the BP monitor. Then I started searching the internet for a solution. I found the ComFit Cuff & it solved everything. Now
    (Review by Chuck16023)
  3. Filac Fastemp Digital Oral & Rectal Thermometer Replacement Probes
    Filac Fastemp Digital Oral & Rectal Thermometer Review.
    I like the filac fastemp digital probe thermometer, because of the large screen display. It reduces operator errors due to misreading temperatures.
    (Review by Lonnie)
  4. Rediscan Infrared Thermometer
    Excellent Thermometer.
    This little thermometer works great and very quickly. It gives accurate results and for those who have a hard time keeping traditional thermometers in place this little guy is just
    (Review by Lsqud)

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