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Underpad Holders

By Pad Secure

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Pad Secure Underpad Holders are an easy and effective way to manage adult incontinence issues, specifically issues such as bedwetting and nightly d...
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Pad Secure Underpad Holders are an easy and effective way to manage adult incontinence issues, specifically issues such as bedwetting and nightly diaper leakage. These incontinence aids firmly grip the edges of disposable underpads and hold it in place with over 50 pounds of force, ensuring that the pads do not move or become bunched up throughout the night. As a result, urine is not leaked onto the bed linens and bedding material.

Pad Secure Underpad Holders can help reduce the amount of extra laundry done on a daily or weekly basis as a result of adult incontinence issues. These incontinence aids help reduce the amount of contact you come into with wet, unsanitary linens and can help significantly reduce the smell of urine throughout your home. Each one of these bed pad holders securely holds any size of disposable underpad and is available in two different sizes: Basic (fits any size mattress from 13" Tall Queen to Toddler Beds) and a King Size Holder (fits a King size bed).

Why Use Disposable Underpads Instead of Washable Underpads?

Over time, washable underpads tend to collect ammonia as a result of bacteria being released from urine. Ammonia emits a very strong, unpleasant and noxious odor that can quickly become noticeable throughout a room or even an entire house. Although new washable underpads initially contain little odor, after five to 10 washes many people report that the smell of urine and ammonia is very noticeable. This happens because of the buildup of potent reservoirs of germs that reside within the washable underpad. These germs are protected within a balloon-like shell known as a biofilm, which essentially protects the germs and odor from being washed out of the underpad.

Switching to disposable underpads not only eliminates the build-up of germs, it also eliminates the smell of urine and ammonia in your home. Many people who have used the Pad Secure holder with disposable underpads describe the change in smell as being 1/10 of what it was with washable underpads.

The Pad Secure Underpad Holders take less than a few minutes to install and even less time to remove. You can install your Underpad Holders by following these quick and easy steps:

  • Place the straps underneath the mattress and place the gray side of the clip facing upwards.
  • Position the binder clips along the center side of the mattress with the edge of the underpad over the round portion of the lower piece.
  • Working from one end to the other, firmly pinch the two pieces of the binder clip together.
  • When both sides of the underpad are fastened firmly beneath the binder clips, adjust the straps to take up the slack in the webbing loops. You can do this by holding the end of the strap and the buckle and pulling more webbing into the loop between the buckle and the binder clips. You can also hold the buckle while gently pulling on the strap end.
  • When properly tightened, there should be about an inch of slack from the webbing loop. This slack will be pulled out when a person gets into bed.

To remove the underpad, start at one end of the binder clip and work your way to the other by pulling the two pieces apart using the finger tabs on the pad side of the clip.

How to Adjust the Pad Secure Holders

The standard Pad Secure Holders are equipped with straps to fit any queen sized bed and can be adjusted to fit any other sized bed such as a toddler bed, twin bed or full-sized bed. To quickly adjust the straps simply follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Place the holder on the bed with the straps wrapped around beneath the mattress.
  • Fasten a disposable underpad into the clips. Adjust one side of the holder so that the distance between the end of the strap and holder clip is between six and 10 inches long.
  • Gently pull the extra strap to the other side of the bed.
  • Adjust the strap to fit the mattress with the buckles located approximately two to four inches from the binder clip. Leave one or two inches of slack in the strap to allow for the flexing of the mattress when a person is lying on it.
  • Cut the end so that there is about six to 10 inches of strap beyond the binder clips. When cutting the straps, it is better to be slightly longer than too short.
  • The material that the straps are made from frays very easily. To prevent fraying from occurring, pass the flame of a match or lighter briefly over the cut ends. This will gently melt the fibers together and only takes about one to two seconds for the fibers to melt. Allow the straps to cool for at least one minute before touching.

For more information, feel-free to visit the manufacturer's website

You might also be interested in similar adult incontinence products that we carry, such as Tendersorb Disposable Chux Underpad by Kendall.

Pad Secure Underpad Holders Features and Benefits

  • Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections, Bedsores, and Rashes.
  • Over 100 Times More Sanitary than Using Washable Underpads.
  • The Basic Holder Adjusts to Fit Any Size Bed from 13 Inches Tall Queen Size Mattresses to Toddler Beds.
  • Holders for King Size Beds Available for the Same Price as our Standard Size Holders.
  • Saves Time and Labor by Reducing Bed Linen Laundry by 60-90 percent.
  • Reduces Odors by Over 80 Percent.
  • Drier, More Comfortable Bedding.
  • Securely Holds Any Size Disposable Underpad.

Pad Secure Underpad Holders Specifications

  • Product Numbers: PDSCR-BH, PDSCR-KSH
  • Manufacturer: Pad Secure
  • Size: Basic and King

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Pad Secure
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Fantastic Product. Works Great
Getting this underpad holder is one of the best things I've done for our family in years. My 24 year old son is mentally and physically disabled and has wet the bed his whole life. Because of that we have tried every type of disposable and washable underpad made through the years, and had not found anything that worked really well.
Before trying the Pad Secure underpad holder we were using washable pads with the tuck-in sides. While I hated the work, mess, and smell of the washable pads, they had worked better for us than any loose underpad we'd tried.
When we switched to using disposable underpads with the Pad Secure holder our life got a whole lot easier. We went from having to do 1 or 2 loads of wet bed laundry every day to doing just 1 load a week. And the difference in the smell of our home is HUGE! Before we changed to disposable pads the strong smells from the bed wetting would spread though our whole home and just lingered there all the time. When we changed to the disposables with the underpad holder those smells went away. Before we changed, our teenaged kids were embarrassed to bring their friends over because of the smell. But now they are inviting friends over and enjoying their lives more. My 17 year old daughter said it best when she said, “I love how our home doesn't stink anymore!”
The best part for me however, was my disabled son's reaction. The third night after getting it as I was putting him down for bed, he patted the disposable underpad, smiled at me and said, “I like this lots better mom. Thanks.”, and he hugged me. To be able to make his life a little better and more comfortable made me really happy.
I highly recommend this underpad holder to anyone dealing with bed wetting. It saves a ton of time and will make your home a much nicer place to live.

1 Item(s)

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